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Friday, January 07, 2011

Flowers and Hearts Swap: Kathy's Block

I'm doing a private 8 inch block exchange with Kathy, the theme is Flowers and Hearts! I sent her This Block and she sent me this one...(which I forgot to take a photo of it blank)
Click on any of the photos to see them larger.
The block is made up of a lot of prints that compete with each other and that was a bit of a challenge for me when trying to start! With competing prints you have to find a way for them to go into the background a bit more without them being too hidden or them swallowing up the stitching. Also the few more solid fabrics stood out too much and they needed to blend into the block more.
In this first photo you can see I added some lace that I hand dyed and sewed to the top right corner. In the lower left corner I added some tatting that I had created with a veriageted pink thread. I sewed the tatting on and added some purple beads to alternating rings down the middle.
I also added a dragonfly lace applique that I hand dyed as well to the upper left, filling in the gap in the print there.
I also needed a focal point for the block so I added a silkie of a girl with flowers with more lace I hand dyed
I added around the silkie some vintage purple flower trim and a piece of white feather.
I've also added some more of my tatting that was made using a purple variegated thread to the silkie as well as another feather on the other side. I also added some little flowers to the hand dyed lace applique.
I also added some of the purple variegated tatting to the seam under the dragonfly. I sewed on some white lace in the lower right and purple lace in the lower left.
I feather stitched in some green holographic thread in the dragonfly's wings. I wish the camera captured the sparkle of the thread better.
I added the same little flowers to the other alternating rings of the pink tatting.
Atop the white lace in the lower right I added a white feather with a green gem on top then added a piece of jewelery component that looked like a bow with two gold bugle beads to act as the tails of the bow.
I also added some little pink fire-polished glass hearts down one seam that I'm not sure I'm finished with yet. I also added some purple flower sequins with a darker purple seed bead to the other seam to the right.
I'm not finished with this block yet but this is my progress so far...more to come!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Harvest Challenge: Dyeing Lace

Well I started going through my lace stash to try and find some lace to add to my block and found some great pieces! A few I needed to dye though so I got out my lace dyes from Ribbonsmyth and got to work. I think this is my first time dyeing the lace when I feel that I have a handle on how to do it! The large rose applique I had been given in a swap and the small rose lace I bought at EveningStarDesigns.
I also hand dyed this Cluny lace I got at EveningStarDesigns! I wanted a nice light color to it.
Then I also added some un-dyed lace using some vintage lace given to me in a swap in the center with some of my tatting below it. Also I added some of the vintage wedding lace that I've been cutting out appliques from. I just love that lace!
I haven't sewn anything down yet but just setting it in place as I hold tryouts for embellishments and think about the overall block.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hand Dyed Lace

Today I thought why not try and dye some of the reclaimed lace from the wedding dress I bought! And here are some of the results...I've listed the particular ones in My Etsy Shop for sale too!
Sweet Pea inspired colors! My favorite Sweet Peas are blooming and I've been enjoying them so much that I thought I'd try and recreate the colors this one turned out a light version of the colors. The photos really don't do it justice! I also did some of the fabric too!
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
Darker Sweet Pea colors.
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
Then I did a nice periwinkle shade that has purples and blues.
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
Antiqued Pink has shades of pink, mauve, and brown.
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
All of these you could use as is or unpick the lace and use it separate as an applique.
Since they are polyester they are NON-Washable

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: My Work On Leslie's Block

Here is some progress on the block! I've been doing ground work, by tatting the clover and the fern fronds, also dying the clover tatting and the lace dragonfly motif. I dyed both variegated green and gold. I think they turned out nicely! The fern fronds I mostly tatted using the spool of variegated thread as a shuttle. It's really tiny thread and it's the smallest I've tatted with, at first I couldn't close the rings but I quickly figured out that I was tatting too tightly for small thread. I have to tat very gently with this thread.
SO the clovers and the fern makes motifs # 2 and3 of the 25 Motif Challenge!
As you can see the silk ribbon embroidery motif is turning out a little differently than I originally doodled! I changed the vines to tatted fern, and left out the sweetheart rose from the middle of the large roses, the reason being the roses were too large and the sweetheart rose didn't look quite right this time. I will be adding filler sweetheart roses still. For the spiderweb-ribbon stitch combo rose I used 4mm ribbon for the spiderweb rose and 7mm for the ribbon stitch petals. I didn't have the shade of ribbon I needed so I took some rose colored ribbon that was almost right and over-dyed it with brown to simulate tea dying and it turned out the perfect shade!
Here's the clover edging I tatted! I used size 20 ecru DMC Cebelia and dyed it with green and gold. I love how the color is soft and it has nicely blended variegation.
Here's the little dragonfly I dyed using the same colors as the clover but I let it blend together more so it's more a goldish-green. I'm thinking of filling in his wings with beads but not sure yet. I'll see how the block progresses before deciding.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

In The Garden RR: Lillian's block and Lace Painting

Last night I worked on Lillian's block. I'm creating a nice vining motif and I also painted some lace. I had a hard time with the lace painting since I've only hand dyed ribbon and have never done the painting style. At first I didn't even use a brush but then I went and looked up a tutorial and went back and tried again. I still didn't like the results so I went to try and subdue it with an over dye of antique gold but that just took out the dye that was there, which was a good thing since I didn't like it anyway! LOL So I got to start over with it and paint very carefully so that the dye wouldn't run and this is the final results. I like it now. All my attempts took me hours though! LOL Here is a list of tips I had to learn the hard way!

Tips for first time lace painters:
  1. Use a brush (with a nice fine tip)
  2. Less is more, you can always go back and touch up if it's too little. Too much dye will start to seep and run into other areas.
  3. It's better if your lace isn't sopping wet, squeeze it out between a towel so that it's just damp.
  4. Dainty little taps work well to control where your dye is going, tap more in the middle when the brush is fully loaded.