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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What do you do? Inspiration, Motivation, and Oz! LOL

What do you do when inspiration and motivation to create seem to have flown out the window?  Lately it seems the mood to create has left me.  My garden is blooming like crazy and I'm enjoying taking photos of the flowers again, but CQ and Tatting have been pushed aside with no desire to pick it up.  I'm happy to be taking lots of pretty flower photos and tons of them are on my Honey Bee's Photos blog!
I also took a trip to visit family and it was fun!  I had packed some tatting for the airplane but I never picked it up once!  LOL  I did get that round of chains finished weeks ago on the doily but I still haven't taken a photo of it!  LOL  It's like procrastination set in and got out of control! LOL

I did pick out some pink and yellow fabrics, inspired by my roses.  I think I better just buckle down and make a block at least...sometimes it's like giving your battery a jump-start to just DO IT.

How do you overcome the blahs?  Do you wait for it to come or do something to jump-start yourself again?  It seems that not even eye-candy on Pinterest is helping!

Sometimes I can figure out what's demotivating me, but I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it this time.  My last block was really hard to work on and it's been harder and harder since then to work on things.  I had the idea to crumb piece a block and make it really "crazy" inspired by "The Patchwork Girl Of Oz", since I've been reading through all the Oz books and love them, but I hated the results.  Hopefully the pink and yellow rose inspiration will do the trick.  Hmm, maybe it's color!  I know I get energized seeing the bright colors in my garden, and my bright colored blocks are the ones that are making me happy, so maybe that is what was demotivating me.  Also the color of the crumb pieced reject is what really put me's anemic looking to me and just upsets me to look at it, I hate it, I need to throw it away and get it out of my workspace! HA!  The only way I would do it again would be if I picked a rainbow of jewel toned colors, and in fancy fabrics too, that's how I "see" Scraps in my mind.  She's bright and spunky and whimsical, and she's a bit crazy (of course being crazy patched) but very fun and has lots of energy.  Hmmm, maybe I will work on this idea after all for next month.  Scraps my not be able to drink tea with us, but she'd be a fun addition to the tea party!  In Oz that never stopped the ones who didn't eat from hanging out with the meat people who need to eat at any dinner or feast. ;-)  I could see myself doing a whole Oz series after reading so much about them.  I'm almost done with the set, I just finished "The Lost Princess Of Oz" (in which Scraps is one of the main characters again) and started "The Tin Woodman Of Oz" after that there are only 2 books left.  I think it's really neat reading Baum's letters in the intros of each book and in "The Tin Woodman Of Oz" he talks about how the Oz books are for all ages, the young and the young at heart.
It's funny because I didn't start reading the Oz books because of the movie or anything, in fact I never really cared for the old movie that much and I HATE the song that everyone loves, it's like nails on a chalk board to me kinda like the titanic song...HAHAHA ;-P  Anyway the way I got into reading them was searching free books for Kindle and I read Baum's "The Sea Faries" and loved it and then when searching for more books everyone raved about the Oz series so I figured I would probably love those too.  And I do.  Then it just so happened that the new Oz movie came out in the midst of reading them!  LOL  I really loved the new Oz movie too.  It may not be perfectly true to the books (they never are) but I loved it and all the nods to the books and I felt it was true to the spirit of Baum's Oz.  I think he would have loved the movie!  It's so neat how what once could only be seen in the imagination is now able to be put into movie form!  I could see how now the ideas in the Oz books could be made into movies and really work!  The porcelain girl was so cool looking in the movie! Wow! Ya, Baum would be impressed.  Live, yet porcelain!  So cool!  I digress...LOL

Okay I better get to work if I have a hope of getting a block done this month! ;-)  At least I'm feeling better to have talked about it!  Thanks for read/listening!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Sweet Shot: Sun-Filled Rose

 Here is my Photo Of  The Day plus some extras.  I just love the sight of the sun shining through petals and leaves!  These just look so cheerful I thought I'd share it with you all too.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet Shot: Lady Bug

Thought you all would enjoy this photo I took today too.  Such a cute little Lady Bug hiding in my Daylily leaves.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Shot Serendipity

Gotta love it when right as you are taking photos and have everything just right...wildlife lights upon that very spot!  This is what's called a 'Hummingbird Moth'.  Not a hummingbird but a moth, a large one that is mistaken for one when first seen, they hover and sip nectar too. LOL  I even love how its wings are lit cool!

I remember the first time we saw one of these we didn't know what in the world it was and tried and tried to get a photo of it to see what it was!  They are really common here in the desert and they love all the nectar plants, and usually come out in droves in the evening! LOL  Today I looked out my kitchen window and saw my yellow climbing rose all blooming...made me really happy!  Gotta love that I got roses blooming in March!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

CaptureYour365 POTD: Daffodil Bouquet

Yay the daffodils are blooming in my garden!  I used to hate how for the flower of the month things, with March being my birthday month, that the daffodil was always the one represented!  I always wished for Sweet Peas, Violas or some other more romantic flower.  But now after missing my garden flowers in the winter, it's the Violas and the Daffodils that are cheery and happily showing themselves!  They make you happy to see something finally, and symbolize the return of the garden!  I also really love these light yellow more ruffly variety too!  This photo just says springtime, cheery, bright, and fresh!  And they smell so good too, it's a green-light-fresh smell and it makes me happy!  Now I'm wishing I had more Daffodils planted!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Caught a Hummingbird!

I really love this photo, isn't it so cute?  This little hummingbird found a little perch in my climbing rose that it kept coming back to, so I was able to set up the tripod and capture a photo!  One of my Favorite Things!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I've been debating whether I should share my photography photos on here or not, or if I should post them to my other blog Honey Bee's Fancy instead.  So I'm thinking for now I'll test things out, maybe post more over there and then only a very few of my absolute favorites here.  So here are a few that I really loved from a couple of sessions.

 My garden has always been inspiration to me!  I love this one of the light shining through honeysuckle vines.  Seeing this photo just makes me feel happy
 Then I just love this teeny tiny little butterfly, if you know how big the flowers (alyssum) it is sitting on then that gives you a good idea how tiny this butterfly is.  An interesting tidbit is that I used to use a stamp very often that was of this very butterfly and I had never seen one in person.  So when I saw it in my garden for the first time I was thrilled and had to get a photo of it!
Gotta love the sweet little violas!  I liked the idea of having one in focus and the others in the background blur.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tea in the Garden

This morning I felt like having tea in the garden! A cup of Assam tea with sugar and milk! Yum! So I took some photos here are a few I thought were pretty! I cut a stem of pink sweetheart roses and a sweet pea! It was wonderful!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well anytime snow falls in the desert it is monumental! So when we woke up this morning and saw TONS of snow we had to go outside and play! Just yesterday our garden was blooming as normal we've not even had our first frost yet (very odd) so we knew something big would probably happen when it did hit. Still I would never have guessed it would have been this much snow!
We bundled up and went outside to take photos and build a snowman! Then we went for a walk and lucky for us we got to walk in all untrodden snow on our route!
Doesn't he look like the snowman from the movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? I love his little chin that just happened to be there.
Then when we got back from our walk in a wonderful winter wonderland we decided to build another snowman for the front yard!
Cute eh? With a pile of snowballs at the ready for him too!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Red Roses and Tatting

My Red Rose Olympiad is blooming away and today got a little windy so I decided to go ahead and cut the open roses to enjoy indoors for a few days. Little did I know but I had enough for a pretty big size bouquet! It smells lovely too!
Ahh one of my favorite things are fragment red roses in a crystal vase on a lovely doily!
Another of my favorite things is tatting and how it drapes down your hand when tatting it, especially edgings. I just love the feel of it, makes me feel all lady-like and also to see it growing and the fact that I'm creating lace.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yeay Spring!!!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!!!
I have to say that Spring has to be my favorite season! Especially living in the mild climate of the desert! The weather just seems so perfect, and the garden is coming into bloom and puts on a awesome show! It's so exciting to see the first blooms open! I've even got some spring roses to share for the first day of spring! Out here our roses bloom best in the warm spring and the cooler fall weather, but they seem to take a little rest during the hot summer...sure they bloom during summer but they don't show off as much as they do in spring and fall.
Lately I've just been enjoying sitting out in my garden and praising God for the gifts of flowers, since after all we only tend everything but He is the one who causes everything to grow!
"Everything on earth, shout with joy to God!" Psalm 66:1

Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Little Spring Bouquet

Today I had just enough flowers to clip the first little bouquet to enjoy! If you'd like to see how our garden is growing come visit our Garden Blog. Gerard is starting more seeds so pretty soon we will be overflowing with flowers to share!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Promise of Spring

These small daffodils are one of the few plants in our garden starting to bloom already this year! It's a promise that Spring is on it's way!
We are starting to prune and weed and get the garden ready for spring...a lot of work but worth it for the luscious flowers! I'm getting excited to see all the blooms this year and it's a good motivator to do the hard work in order for it to look it's best. We bought a few seasonal plants that were out for sale and want to plant them soon.
I started a garden blog just for the purpose of blogging all the changes, blooms, and hummingbirds. If you'd like to follow our garden blog Click Here. I've been adding photos of the beginnings of our garden, of all the hard work we had to do in order to get our garden and the first big bloom we had. I'll be blogging last year and then starting this year which is going to be even better since all the plants have grown (some died) and every year gardens just get better. I don't think green thumbs exist...only perseverance...if a plant dies it gets replaced until the perfect plant is found that thrives. Hard work and perseverance are what make a garden great.
I hope you enjoy our garden!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tea Time Magazine

Tea Time magazine I just found this link on someones blog and thought it was a neat magazine. I subscribed because it's a 6 a year magazine and it doesn't have a lot of advertisements.
My favorite gardening magazine is 6 a year with lots of info and no ads. It's Garden Gate magazine! It's got a TON of info, ideas, and helpful articles.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Container Garden Photo May 2006

Here is what the back container garden looked like in May. It has grown a TON since then.
It's been a beautiful journey this season, but I haven't been faithful in taking consistent photos every so often to show the progress. Here is a link to what my Container Courtyard looks like right now.
Honey Bee's Bliss: Container Garden Courtyard

I'm going to start posting about our garden journey in the front. That took a lot of work! We had to dig out Georgia clay and bring in top soil.

More Sweet Autumn Clematis

I keep posting photos of this clematis because it just gets more and more pretty everyday! I just love it when the flowers start to spill everywhere and it's beginning to! So I'm sure I'll keep taking photos as it progresses. Our front garden is looking a little sad, from all the heat but in a few weeks it should get that little fall-cooler-weather burst, so I'll take pics then. The little green fruits you see are from the Passion Flower Vine, they are edible but I haven't tried it...I'm not very venturous like that! LOL

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Longwood Gardens - Home Page

Longwood Gardens - Home Page
A place I would love to visit!

It's Blooming!

Our Sweet Autumn Clematis is now blooming! I got up this morning and looked out the window and sure enough it was blooming nicely! I grabbed the camera and went outside to take some photos. It's a nice sunny day but step outside and the humidity clings to you...icky! I guess I will be enjoying my garden view from my window inside the air-conditioned house! Which is what I usually have to do since I am in the hot humid south!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hidden Clematis

This clematis is only about 3-4 inches and is hidden in with the Fairy roses we have as a hedge along our driveway. We had planted it in with the hedge so it would intertwine and create more intrest. My hubby spotted it just today! I still need to post photo's of our front garden for you all to see. I love to take close-up photo's of flowers! So all these close-ups you see on my blog are all my own.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hummingbird and Passion Flower

Gerard captured this awesome photo of a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird sipping happily at one or our bright red petunias. Red is their favorite color, but they will sip at other favorite plants even if they aren't red. Actually getting a decent photo of an elusive but stunning hummingbird is extremely difficult as anyone who's ever tried knows! Making any picture that is clear and in a attractive position very precious.
Passion Flower: This is our first passion flower vine. We had seen one growing wild in a ditch out here in Georgia and so when I saw it on the Jackson & Perkins cataloge I ordered one. They are indigenous to South America. So that means they grow really easy out here! And they smell really, really great!