Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Candi to tell 7 things about myself! If you haven't stopped by Candi's blog, please do! She is such a sweet dear lady I'm glad to have as a friend!

7 Things about Me

  1. My first word as a baby was "flowie" my parents say I would point to flowers and exclaim "flowie!" And I still love flowers!
  2. My father joined the Army when I was 4 years old so I've been "in" the military practically all my life! I married a solider too! All the places I've lived: Iowa (born there), North Carolina, Italy, Washington (state), Germany, California, and Georgia. Really that is a short list compared to most military families.
  3. I hate spiders, I don't even like them in jewelery form for crazy quilting...they just creep me out! To me there is no such thing as a cute or pretty spider...just doesn't happen! LOL
  4. When I turned 4 years old I got to get pierced ears, that was a big deal to me! In my early teens I loved earrings and couldn't get enough of them, the bigger the better too! In high school I got a second set pierced but I never wear earrings now...I just don't care for them anymore. I've moved on to necklaces! LOL
  5. My dream is to have a garden like a Thomas Kincaid painting! This one is one of my favorites and I have a lithograph of it (I'd love to have a painting but can't afford one) hanging in my house...I would love to go visit that spot!
  6. I love to eat watermelon seeds! I've never met anyone else that does but I love them! They are really tasty! I save them up as I eat the melon and then eat them all last!
  7. I have 2 Dogs China and Madie and I have a blog just for them! It's a ton of fun and they have a bunch of Dogs with Blogs online friends!
Since it seems that all the Crazy Quilt blogs have been tagged I'll tag some of China and Madie's Doggie Online friends! Have fun checking them out!
China & Madie
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The Army of Four said...

Ha roo, mom of Madie and China! Our mom is an Army brat then Army wife, too!
We'll do our "tag" today!
Respectful play bows,