Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Online Stash Sources

I've been getting questions lately about where I get my stash so I thought I'd put together some links of places I like to shop at online.
No affiliation and in no particular order.
  1. Ribbonsmyth - this is a great shop for all kinds of Crazy Quilting supplies including beads, silk ribbons(her ribbon is some of the nicest), dyes and dyeables, buttons, specialty trims, etc.
  2. Flights Of Fancy - Great shop to find bits and embellishments of lace, buttons, fibers, silkies, you name it!
  3. ThreadArt - this is my source of silk ribbon that is my staple it's cost effective, good quality, and comes on spools (so that means no ironing). They are also on ebay and sell a large set of every color of silk ribbon that you can usually get for $99 (.18 cents a yard for the 50 spool 4mm set) if you check out their ribbon and enjoy it and do a lot of SRE I would recommend buying a full set just to have them on hand it's very convenient for me!
  4. Etsy - this site has lots of sellers and is for all things handmade, vintage or for supplies so it's a great place to browse around! I've found metal findings to use in CQ and also threads, lace, beads, buttons, silkies (motifs printed on fabric), and fabric stash!
  5. Q-Snap - I love these square frames that are different from a typical hoop. They fit around my Crazy Quilt blocks perfectly the tension is very good and to tighten or loosen I can twist the clamps forwards or backwards.
If I think of any more or find more I'll update this list as needed.
No affiliation these are just places I shop.


Kathy said...

Melissa, I also like the ribbon from Thread Art. Nice 10M spools.
I just recently ordered from Carolyn at Eveningstar, everything was wonderful.
As for the ribbon I have mostly 4mm, a few 2mm and 7mm, what size do you like to use for your flowers and leaves?

Melissa said...

Hi Kathy,
Majority of the time I'm using 4mm but I do occasionally use 7mm and 2mm depending on if I want a different effect they can give. If I do rolled/folded roses I use 13mm.

Judy said...

Apparently Ribbonsymth is no longer in business or have closed down their website. :(