Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tatted Edging on Shirt Neckline

Well I finally finished the adding tatting (hand sewing) to the shirt as I planned! It took 9 repeats of the hen and chicks pattern I almost estimated correctly! I had filled the shuttle full and I had to add in thread for just one more repeat!!! Talk about frustrating! I tatted over both thread ends (at the same time tightly) to hide them in a ring on the bottom section and you can barely even tell! I had to take a photo with it on though since it doesn't lay right flat so you can't tell what it looks like unless it's being worn. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a photo of me wearing it for real.
Oh and to prepare the tatting I used a suggestion from Sharon to put it in boiling water to pre-shrink it before sewing it on. I also just hand sewed it on by the picots of the lower rings.
I think it is a successful addition! That makes me happy and gives me encouragement to do it again in the future!


TattingChic said...

Melissa, It looks great! You did such a good job. I love it.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I agree with tattingchic... may send some of my clothes your way for embellishment? ; )

Melissa said...

LOL Oh Diane I know you can do it yourself you tatting is great! When your hand heals up you'll be able to embellish everything in site! LOL

Gina said...

Hen & Chicks is one of my favorite edgings - so easy but so delicate looking. I love the way you've put this on the neck. I like it better than going all the way around.

:-) Gina