Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Gifts!

Here is a little bib that I added a applique strawberry and back-stitched in a "R".
This monogram I just used an air-erasable quilters pen and roughly drew an "R" then I feather stitched in the shape.  Next I added lazy daisy in one color of pink and then a second lazy daisy in the inside of that one in another shade of pink.  Last I added tiny lazy daisy leaves.
Receiving Blanket with Monogram
For this blanket I cut out 3 hearts out of flannel and then appliqued them on using different embroidery stitches.
I used chain stitching, blanket stitch, and running stitch with colonial knots placed in between.
On this bib I cut out a rose from a print and appliqued it into place.  Then I "quilted" in specific spots to define the rose even more.  Then I used an air-erasable quilters pen to write "Rosalee" and back-stitched it in.
I jazzed up a plain white bib, and with a name like Rosalee I couldn't resist a Rose Theme!
These butterflies are iron-on applique's...hey don't knock it, I messed up and in order to fix it the iron-on appliques hid the mess...LOL  Then I added a running stitch flight path.
Easy way to cute-ify a plain onesie!