Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Sweet Ballerina CQ Heart: Tutu & Flower

I kept adding to the gift for Bekah she's gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! Here's the Tutu I bought and then I made a shabby flower pin with shading to look like the roses in the Ballerina Heart!
Her birthday party is this weekend so I'm going to try to get a vid of her when she opens the gift, she is so cute and gets so excited about all her gifts that it's fun to watch! We always say we should get her on video! LOL

Monogram Tote Bag: J

Here is yet another Tote bag for a birthday girl in my Small Group!
Her fave color was purple so I created a purple shabby flower to embellish her monogram. She also loved polka dots so I chose a green with white polka dot fabric for the J I thought it would compliment nicely. Then I had a piece of Hen & Chicks Tatted Edging that I had tatted and saved in my stash and since Jessica is creative herself and does crochet I thought she would enjoy some tatting, who knows she may want to learn to tat! She already wants to learn embroidery! LOL
Anyway I used purple fabrics for the shabby flower and a printed organza that had purple flowers on it. I cut out the flowers out of the print and the frayed sheerness of the organza acted like a lace element! I used a large purple bead in the center of the flower! I also made a small bud to go with the flower and it is using a small flower shape with some scraps of the organza in the center just gathered in the center.
Then on the handle I tied some strips of the organza fabric and a strip of purple fabric!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Sweet Ballerina CQ Heart: Framed

With Rebekah's birthday coming up I framed the Sweet Ballerina CQ Heart! I also ordered a light blue Tutu to go with it!
On the back I put a pretty wrapping paper and then printed a label that reads "To Rebekah, A sweet ballerina who will always be my friend! Love, Melissa"