Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Princess Block Finished

I do believe that this Princess Block is finished! I added another bow to make it a double bow and let it fill out the area better.
I also added some lace and beads to the princess. I put a cute star button with gold beads for it's sparkle and shine. I also added beads to her crown tips, gave her earrings, and added a beaded flower to her bodice and sparkle to the flowers at the bottom of her skirt. The lace I scrunched using a running stitch and then attached also with a running stitch, with a tiny bit at the top to match.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Princess Block Progress

Here is a little more progress on the second Princess Block. I couched down the pearls with pink thread and also sewed on the butterfly with stem stitching around using Rayon thread and added some pink beads. I also added pink sequins with tiny size 15 seed beads to the roses on the print around the princess.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Black & White Top Edging

Well this weekend I worked on the Black Edging for my top and the little pattern fixes did the trick! Everyone seemed to agree that joining the top 2 picots and instead of the bottom 2 would work. Diane suggested adding a few stitches and a picot to the bottom chain as well, so I added only 2 stitches to the chain and put in a picot to the center area to make 3 picots instead of 2. I was so happy to see it curving in the correct direction! Thank you everyone for all the encouragement!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Black & White Top Edging Trouble

Well...I've done 2 repeats of the black edging I've planned, and have stopped to say it's definitely curving the wrong way! I don't know why but my straight edgings always seem to curve on me. So I know I need to modify the pattern somehow, if I don't I'm going to get a ruffle and that's not what I want. Even though I hand sew tatting on it would still ruffle with the tatting going in a rainbow shape and the surface to be attached is a U shape! LOL So a plan of action must be taken!
So, if any of you experienced tatters out there have any suggestions to get this pattern curving concave instead I'd greatly appreciate it! I was wondering if just joining the picots on the chains that join differently would do it or if I also need to change stitch counts. See in the middle area the bottom 2 picots get joined together and I was wondering if I joined the top 2 instead and leave the bottom one free would do the job?
Since I'm going to cut and start over, and end up hiding ends anyway, I'm just going to fill a second shuttle and do it 2 shuttle as suggested. The only reason I wasn't in the first place is I didn't want to cut and hide ends! LOL

Friday, April 25, 2008

Adding tatting to a B&W top

I recently got this top which is nice and light for warmer weather and thought that it would be perfect to add some tatting to! My plan is again to add an edging to the neckline, and I'm going tat the edging in black. Yes I may be a little nuts for going there but I think I'm ready for black thread.
The pattern I chose is #12 on page 17 of The DMC Book of Charted Tatting Designs. I'm tatting it up in black DMC size 12 Perle cotton thread. I choose size 12 because it seemed more smooth and fine like normal tatting thread rather than the more fuzzy Perle threads. The only thing I'm a little worried about is my neckline curves inward and I'm not quite sure that a straight edge won't give me issue, but there are no designs that go concave usually if a edging is rounded it's for a round doily edge and I don't like the idea of using the "outer" edge as the inner edge, just not the same look. Another thing that I'm doing with this pattern is that although it calls for 2 shuttles I'm just going to do 1 and the ball since you only need to switch shuttles for one little chain at the base of the design, so I'm going to just do the SLT (Shoe Lace Trick) to get the working thread in the correct position.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Online Stash Sources

I've been getting questions lately about where I get my stash so I thought I'd put together some links of places I like to shop at online.
No affiliation and in no particular order.
  1. Ribbonsmyth - this is a great shop for all kinds of Crazy Quilting supplies including beads, silk ribbons(her ribbon is some of the nicest), dyes and dyeables, buttons, specialty trims, etc.
  2. Flights Of Fancy - Great shop to find bits and embellishments of lace, buttons, fibers, silkies, you name it!
  3. ThreadArt - this is my source of silk ribbon that is my staple it's cost effective, good quality, and comes on spools (so that means no ironing). They are also on ebay and sell a large set of every color of silk ribbon that you can usually get for $99 (.18 cents a yard for the 50 spool 4mm set) if you check out their ribbon and enjoy it and do a lot of SRE I would recommend buying a full set just to have them on hand it's very convenient for me!
  4. Etsy - this site has lots of sellers and is for all things handmade, vintage or for supplies so it's a great place to browse around! I've found metal findings to use in CQ and also threads, lace, beads, buttons, silkies (motifs printed on fabric), and fabric stash!
  5. Q-Snap - I love these square frames that are different from a typical hoop. They fit around my Crazy Quilt blocks perfectly the tension is very good and to tighten or loosen I can twist the clamps forwards or backwards.
If I think of any more or find more I'll update this list as needed.
No affiliation these are just places I shop.

Princess Block - changed some things

Well as I was working on it a bow seemed more and more like the perfect thing so I changed a few things that were pinned down (Here is what was there before) and instead added a satin bow with tails wandering. I attached it by couching it with a running stitch going along the entire thing. I also added to the center of the bow a flower sequin with a round one in the center and a pink bead.
I also changed out the butterfly and the pearl strand will still need to be tweaked but I'll do that as I sew it on.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Princess Blocks

I do believe that this Princess block is finished! I finished up my green sequin line, added clear beads to the tatted flower centers and added a pink butterfly sequin with a flight path.
Then I started working on this block. I pinned a few things on and added butterfly sequins with flight paths to add movement to the block since it's a little square-ish. The thread I used to attach the butterfly sequins and do the flight path is a mixture of 2 threads. One strand pink floss and one strand aqua floss, the aqua seems to dominate but I think the combo looks neat.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pretty Tatting and the Princess Block

Well since I finished the last edging for my shirt I just wanted to be working on another edging so I flipped through my books and when I saw this one I was intrigued! It is Curds and Whey from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior, although to me it looks like waves of flowers! I love how it's only a 1 shuttle pattern and it's pretty easy to do. Anyway I just thought it was so creative that this pattern was thought up using only rings! Not sure what I'll use it for but I just wanted to do it! I also used some pink variegated Rubi thread, since it's a one shuttle the variegation seems to flow smoother and doesn't end abruptly at any one spot as bad as it sometimes can.
Also I've been adding to the Princess block, I added butterfly sequins and also started adding a line of green sequins below the blanket stitch grass. I also added some little details to the princess print by giving her a bracelet (straight stitch with a colonial knot), necklace (fly stitch with a colonial knot for the bottom), a touch of satin stitch to the center of the bow, and also adding french knots to the center of the flowers on her head.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tatted Edging on Shirt Neckline

Well I finally finished the adding tatting (hand sewing) to the shirt as I planned! It took 9 repeats of the hen and chicks pattern I almost estimated correctly! I had filled the shuttle full and I had to add in thread for just one more repeat!!! Talk about frustrating! I tatted over both thread ends (at the same time tightly) to hide them in a ring on the bottom section and you can barely even tell! I had to take a photo with it on though since it doesn't lay right flat so you can't tell what it looks like unless it's being worn. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a photo of me wearing it for real.
Oh and to prepare the tatting I used a suggestion from Sharon to put it in boiling water to pre-shrink it before sewing it on. I also just hand sewed it on by the picots of the lower rings.
I think it is a successful addition! That makes me happy and gives me encouragement to do it again in the future!

Red Roses and Tatting

My Red Rose Olympiad is blooming away and today got a little windy so I decided to go ahead and cut the open roses to enjoy indoors for a few days. Little did I know but I had enough for a pretty big size bouquet! It smells lovely too!
Ahh one of my favorite things are fragment red roses in a crystal vase on a lovely doily!
Another of my favorite things is tatting and how it drapes down your hand when tatting it, especially edgings. I just love the feel of it, makes me feel all lady-like and also to see it growing and the fact that I'm creating lace.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Adding Tatting to a Shirt

Yesterday I got this cute light weight cotton top for not very much money at WalMart and just love it! So cute and comfortable, perfect for summer! I was thinking that this would be a perfect top for adding just a touch of tatting to the neckline, something that would keep it casual yet be a little bit of what I love added.
So, I started a simple Hen & Chicks pattern in blue size 10 DMC Cebeilia. I'm not usually fond of blue so I didn't have much thread and sizes to choose from. I think clothing is the only "blue" exception I make since it looks so nice with jeans. Anyway I'm going to just add tatting to the front section of the neckline, if you look closely you'll see there are 2 seams on either side of the neckline where the sleeves start and that's the extent of my embellishment just between those seams. I think I'll only need about 8 repeats of the pattern which is good because size 10 thread is really hard on my fingers and I can't tat with it long. I do wish I had that color thread in a size 20 or 30 instead but oh well.
Funny thing as I was going through my tatting thread stash I noticed that when I pick a color to buy for thread I pick greens! LOL So mostly I have white, cream, ecru some pink and then greens with maybe the occasional purple or blue! I love traditional stuff so creams and ecrus are usually my favorite and I like them because of the antiquey feel of the tatting in that color.
Click Here to see the finished shirt!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pink & White Heart for Jill

I finished the embroidery and embellishment for Jill's Pink and White Heart!
The first photo is without any extra lighting.
And this photo I used the normal lighting that I always use for photos. I just wanted to show how it can look different in different light, I just love it!
Cool close-up!
I added in some 4mm white ribbon stitch leaves to the vines and some pink seed beads as well. I also added random 4mm sweetheart roses and colonial knot "buds" as well as some of the pearls I also reclaimed from wedding dresses.
Now I just need to sew it up as well...need to get the sewing machine out! LOL

Another Tea Swappy HOME!

Lookie Lookie!!! I got another Tea Swappy home! And I love all the contents of this one too! Click on the photo to see everything better. Check out the silkies everyone gave me I love all of them but I really admire those 2 Victorian ladies in the upper right I think they will need a special project! Also got some interesting trim that has butterflies on it in the lower left, the wings go out off the edge of the trim, it's really neat! I took a few close ups of the vintage stuff that needs close ups to be fully enjoyed!
Love it a monogram in white I will surly be using this! I always look through the hankies for our monograms but I don't always find them and then pretty ones at that!
And just look at this lace!
And this one! It's a half but that is very generous for such beauty!
Also this whole crochet doily! I don't think I can cut it...LOL!!! Ya know though that brought me to thinking, all those pretty doilies I collect for CQ that I can't bring myself to cut, I think I'll make blocks that are solid with a doily on them to showcase it and add to the size of my bedspread/or throw! That way they can be enjoyed and I won't have to cut them! I can even embellish them! I love that idea!
If anyone wants to send me some doilies for my quilt I'd love to accept them! LOL I hear there are those out there who don't like them (how can this be? LOL) so if you are reading this and have some and don't like them or whatever I'll gladly take them off your hands! LOL

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pink & White Heart for Jill

Jill and I agreed to swap hearts and I've already started working on hers! She asked for a Roses theme and Pink and White.
So far I've got on a foundation of white Dupioni Silk, 3 pink roses that are spiderweb roses in 4mm and they have some outer petals in 7mm ribbon stitch and added pearls to the centers. Then I put some 7mm white sweetheart roses. Added some bridal lace leaves, and stem stitched in some vines.
I'm going to add white ribbon stitch leaves to the vines and probably some sort of pink bead. Also I'm thinking of adding in 4mm white sweetheart roses randomly.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cream on Cream RR: Jill's block

Well I tore out those awful orange looking Melanie Roses and instead added a climbing rose vine with butterflies and bees to complete Jill's block!
The climbing rose is a large feather stitch with lazy daisy leaves added and Melanie roses with fly stitch. Then the 2 butterflies are lazy daisy, ribbon stitch, straight stitch and fly stitches. I also added 3 gold bees to balance out and bring the gold around the block more. The block is now ready to make it's way home to Jill!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Cream and White Heart

I added in some seed beads to the vines and some Czech fire polished glass flower beads with some tiny white size 15 seed beads for the centers. The embellishment part is all finished now, and all I have left is to sew it into an applique!

Cream and White Heart

I added in the leaves and sewed down the lace applique. Now on to adding in some beads! This photo is not accurate as to what the foundation fabric looks like, shiny fabrics are the worst to get good photos of! LOL So just know that the white lace applique doesn't really stand out like a sore thumb! LOL

Friday, April 04, 2008

Some flowers and a heart!

I cut this yummy bouquet today I just love cutting my Sweet Pea's they make the most yummy bouquets! I have 2 types in this one and then a few Pincushion flowers...wish they had smell-o-vision so you all could enjoy it too!
After my horrid attempt at Melanie Rose prettiness I needed to do something pretty...get my "pretty" fix! LOL So I started on this cream and white heart. I'm adding a Bridal Lace applique and then a spiderweb rose and some bullion tipped laisy daisy buds with pearls. I also started some vines I just need to add the leaves in and maybe some beads and sew down the lace!

Cream on Cream RR: Jill's block

Well I started adding to Jill's block!
I added a feather stitch seam with clear AB seed beads and 2 lace butterflies that I added some gold thread to for color and interest. I think it looks sweet and goes well with the butterfly tatting.
THEN...I started working on some Melanie Roses and the nightmare began!!! ARG none of them are turning out that great and when I un-hooped the little area I saw I chose a BAD color...sigh...I really don't want to do one more of these stinking roses!!!! But I hate what I did and even adding some sweetheart roses won't tone down the color! For me the Melanie Rose is like your Hair...when you want to do it nice you end up with a bad hair day...and then when it's unimportant it turns out perfect!!! HAHAHA I think these will be snipped out because I can't stand them, but I don't have any patience to try more today, maybe after the weekend I'll try again.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cream on Cream RR: Jill's block

I got Jill's block in the mail today as well! Now I'm just waiting to get inspired, as soon as I get a "vision" for this block I'll start working on it. Jill requested that I add Melanie Roses to her block so I'm-a-thinkin'! Better not think to hard or I'll hurt my brain eh? LOL I guess I'm in a "funny" mood! LOL You could probably blame that on TattingChic who's just started a blog, ya'll should hop on over if you don't already know her! She's got some very entertaining posts!

A sweet giftie!!!

Today just must be my day! I got a sweet, sweet giftie from Carol L. over at Hand Embroidery Group! She sent me some berry fabric with yummy strawberries on it and some sweet red heart sequins that can be used as strawberries on a block and some little flower sequins to go with them for the little strawberry flowers! So I'm all hooked up! I just need a sewing "mood" to strike and before ya'll know it I'll have a strawberry block made! LOL
Thank you so much Carol! I love everything!

Tea Swappy Just in!!! More Stash!!!

WooHoo!!! This was a fun Tea Swappy we did it like a RR where we send on a baggie and each lady add items to your baggie as you are adding and sending on their baggies too! As you can see we swapped teas and stash! So lots of tea drinking and stash admiring for me! If I had to pick just one thing (I know hard to pick just one huh! LOL) to be my absolute favorite it would have to be that vintage lace cuff that has roses...Wowie when I saw that, I just flipped and I'm such a nut that if I had the other matching cuff I'd wear them!!! LOL But really everything is wonderful thank you so much to each lady you all are just the sweetest!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bekah's Princess Blocks

All I've added was some tatting leaves and flowers and sewed them and the caterpillars on!
The motif I created from pieces of tatting the bits came from the book "Tatting Rings of Flowers" by Mary Maynard. I liked the little leaf idea and had extra thread still on the shuttle from the strawberry and just did those, thought they looked nice on the block. Then I saw the simple one ring flower that just has 25 stitches with picots between every stitch, all I did was very the lengths of the picots for the different size flowers. I haven't gotten to any beading on this block yet but I'll be adding beads all around and to this tatted motif as well!