Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fabric & Lace Flower: Black and Silver

This flower I made for a bridal shower where the bride's colors are Silver and Black! I know she'll love it! I glued a pin-back on the back of it.
I made this one a little differently by making 3 of the larger flower blobs 2 of them the silver fabric and 1 is lace fabric. Then in the center I also did lace fabric strips but I also created a tassel using a thin black lace and silver metallic thread then attached that to the center gathered it up and then added a button to the center!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabric & Lace Flower

I saw a really pretty flower tutorial and just had to try my version of it!!! Here is a link to the Shabby Flower Tutorial. I didn't care for the center of hers so I did it a little differently by adding a tatted flower that I made a long time ago and it sat in my stash waiting to be used and a pearl thingy-ma-bob (it's not a button but it's not a bead either but it had a metal eye sticking out one end).
I did like she said and cut 2 larger (9 petal) blob shaped flowers, and 1 each of a medium (7 petal) and a small (5 petal) blob shaped flowers and crumpled and frayed them. (I made my small one too small so I had to re-cut it. Make each size just barely smaller than the other.) Then I added lace bits and sewed it all together added the tatting stitched it on and added the pearl thingy. Then I went around the back and gathered it like she said. But there I stopped I didn't do any gluing but I did tie some pink eyelash yarn around the pearl.
Now I'll just back it with a pin-backing and either use it as a pin or a pendant. You could use this for anything really I could even see sewing this (or a smaller version) down onto a crazy quilt.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monogram Tote Bag: A

Here is another monogrammed tote for one of my small group girls!
I had seen one of the blogs in my feed (Allie's in Stitches) had mentioned Broderie Perse which got me interested so I google searched about it! It's a form of applique using a printed fabric that you cut out the print and applique it onto another fabric.
So having this in the back of my head I got the idea to use a floral print for the decorations on this monogram! I just cut around the print and took the easy route by raw edge appliqueing it with invisible thread and a straight stitch on my sewing machine!
I think it gives it a pretty yet edgy feel and I think it looks sorta Shabby Chic-ish! LOL
I also tied a strip of the fabric with the raw edges frayed into a bow on the handle.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More New Couch Pillow Covers

I had started some Pillow Covers for our couch and had finished sewing up the floral print covers, then I found the perfect fabric to compliment it had prepped it (pre-washed, cut out all the pieces) and then it sat unfinished for almost a year!!! So I finally dug it out and started sewing them together. It's a pretty cream fabric with a lace print on it. I know it's hard to see but if you click on the photos you can see a little better. Here's the link to the Pillow Cover Tutorial.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Fabric Flower Fun!

I found a Fabric Flower Tutorial that I loved and decided to make some! I liked the look of the double flowers in this flower tutorial in a smaller fashion but prefer the method of petal mading in this flower tutorial. The bottom layer has 6 petals, and the top layer has 3 petals with a button or bead in the middle! Then I either sewed a loop of fabric or elastic onto the back, but pretty much anything can be attached to the back to use them in tons of ways!
To make the different sizes I just used different round objects to create the circles the same way you'd make different size yo-yo's.
The smaller flowers I used a spool of thread for the circle.
This is a small one with elastic on the back that I slipped onto my new puppy Ginger's tiny collar.
This bigger flower I used a 1/3 Cup measuring cup for the circle it has a fabric loop on the back and I slipped it onto my pink pearls for a pendent.
Here's another on my dog Madie's collar it also has elastic on the back. She didn't like the bigger flowers so I made a small one using a spool of thread for the circles so that she barely notices it on her collar.
I also made one for Bekah in a blue floral fabric with a big blue bead in the center and made it a headband by attaching a large elastic loop custom fit for her head.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Cream Tea Cozy Finished!!!

I finally finished the finishing touches to my Cream Tea Cozy and sewed it up!