Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More New Couch Pillow Covers

I had started some Pillow Covers for our couch and had finished sewing up the floral print covers, then I found the perfect fabric to compliment it had prepped it (pre-washed, cut out all the pieces) and then it sat unfinished for almost a year!!! So I finally dug it out and started sewing them together. It's a pretty cream fabric with a lace print on it. I know it's hard to see but if you click on the photos you can see a little better. Here's the link to the Pillow Cover Tutorial.


Anonymous said...

Those are very pretty! I've been thinking about doing pillows also to liven up my living room up. Just haven't found the right fabric at the right price.

The Mom, Wife, and Crafter said...

Tee hee hee....is that madie hiding as a pillow in that top pic? I just now noticed that and had to giggle a bit. Love the fabric though btw.

Candi said...

Very pretty Melissa:) I'll bet they look great on your couch:)