Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Decorated Gift Bag

I created this gift bag to put the 3 red and white lady ornaments into for the exchange!
What I did was get a plain gold and silver gift bag and printed out a scene of ladies fashions and glued that to the bag. Then I glued lace to the top and bottom edges, and embellished the print with glitter, feathers, etc. I wanted to do this special bag so that whoever would pick the bag already loving it, will probably also love the contents! LOL
Click on the photo to see the details a bit better.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Even more lady ornaments!

I've really been enjoying myself making these ornaments! I really love the cream and red ladies I think she is also going on my own tree this year! LOL
I made a set of three red, white, with silver ladies for the gift exchange. I figured those colors are more typical of most tree decors. I'm also embellishing a gift bag to put them in I'll share that with you all when it is finished!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Set

I'm creating a gift set of pillowcases and I wanted it to be elegant but I couldn't find any patterns anywhere that made me happy! So what I did was go into a program and type "Sweet Dreams" and when through different fonts till I found one I liked! The one I choose was 'Parchment' I thought it kind of looked like a princess story book font so I changed the size until just right and printed it out. Then I flipped the paper over, set it on a light box and used a black Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pen to make it able to iron transfer to my pillowcases. I wasn't sure if the font would work because the swirls you see went thick and thin but the pen made it all the same thickness, even so it worked and looks good. I had bought the set of pillowcases from WalMart they are the Egyptian cotton ones I think 400 count anyway they had the nice piping around the edge of the case. I washed them in hot water and dried them on the hottest setting to preshrink before working on them.
I chose to use black thread because it had such a crisp elegant feel to it on the white fabric, and it has such a story book look too! I love them so much I'm wishing the set was for me! LOL

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Craft Room is coming together!

I thought you all would like a peek at how my craft room is coming together! I'm so happy about it!
When you come in the door there is a open closet that I'm using for storage with my fabric drawers I think I need another tier of the wire shelves though! LOL I enjoy seeing the colors of the fabric through the shelves kind of rainbow like and fun! The ironing board is only there for now but I like to fold it up when I'm not using it.
Next to the closet is a bookcase that I'm putting all my craft books in I still need to sort through them by category. Also I've put my bins and bead trays there too.
Then I have my desk with the computer I'd like to get another one for the opposite wall as well but haven't had a chance yet. I got this desk at Target on clearance and put crystal knobs on it. I also got a poster of ladies having tea that for now I've just pinned up until I find a frame.
I put the 2 large desks along the window wall for now I'd like to have more efficient table space but for now this is the best I can do, it kind of bothers me that the corners aren't utilized very good right now but in time I'll figure something out! LOL The window treatment I just stuck up for now I'd like to put the prettier red curtains I have with a more lacy sheer up soon, but for now it helps make the room feel pretty for me. I love my glass jars with lace, floss and ribbon spools!
This is the wall opposite the desk that I'd like to have another desk at. I think I'd put the sewing machine set up there. I put a cork board up to hold projects on so they don't disappear under things! LOL
I'd like to put floating shelves up around too. I'd also like one of those word plaques that says "Create" or "Inspire" I'm keeping an eye out! I'm really loving this space now that I know I enjoy a window and some pretty decor around me when I work as well as function, I'm feeling good about this room! I can create in here, and leave my mess too! LOL

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Monogrammed Tote

My fellow small group leader Terri is also having her birthday this month so I thought I'd surprise her and make a tote for her too!
I used a dark aqua Dupioni silk for the "T" and hand appliqued it on.
Then I hand sewed 3 different sized yo-yo's in aqua and yellow with buttons in green, yellow, and aqua. I tied a yellow organza ribbon in a bow on one of the handles. I hope she loves her tote too.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Applique Monogram Tote bag

I started a new gift for my small group girls birthdays this year, last year was a tatted heart necklace and this year will be monogrammed tote bags! I got a set of ocean blue totes that are the perfect size and I'll personalize each one as their birthdays come! The first one is Amanda!
I used Word to get a large letter in a font that I think she will enjoy and printed it out. I then cut out the "A" and traced it onto fabric. Amanda loves green and things that are unique. I cut around the "A" leaving fabric to needle turn the applique on.
Here is the finished applique, I hand sewed it into place. It was a little tricky, but I think it turned out well.
Then I cut out some different sized circles and created yo-yos, trying to be random but with unity (LOL is that a contradiction? LOL) and placed buttons on top of them, all of which is hand sewn into place. Anyway I hope she loves it!