Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cream on Cream RR: A Little More Progress

Yesterday, I did a little more work on Debbie's cream block. I added in leaves to the empty vines, and also added a piece of tatting with a white pearlized flower button. I also added glass pearls to the spiderweb roses. The piece of tatting is a motif made out of size 80 thread from the book Mini Tats. The motif curves upwards, which is perfect for this bouquet, adding a three-dimensional touch. Since I had never tatted that motif before, it became curved because I hadn't tightened up the chains enough, the good news is at least I can use my mistakes in my crazy quilting!
I won't be able to work on the block today, but hopefully soon I'll be able to add more!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cream on Cream RR: Slowly More Progress

Here is a little more progress on Debbie's Cream on Cream Block. I just added a few little branching vines from the main vines using stem stitch for the stems and ribbon stitch leaves. I'm still planning on adding more, going slowly is driving me crazy but it's what I have to do.

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Program

Since my wrists have been hurting lately from typing too much, my Hubby bought me the program Dragon Naturally Speaking, that turns speech into type, and I am now learning to use it. I'm enjoying learning the ropes of the program and "training it" to my speech. Hopefully this will help me out, and allow me to do more tatting, embroidery, and crazy quilting with less wrist pain!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tea Anyone?

For all you tea lovers out there, today I found a cool link for a pattern to make a reusable fabric tea bag!!! Perfect for loose tea! Here is the link! She also sells them made up in her Etsy Shop.
I just thought it would make a good gift for a tea lover also with simple tatting or embroidery added...remember it's gonna get dunked in tea and reused a lot! LOL
OH and I just found a neat tea shop on Etsy that makes unique tea blends! Here is the Link!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pink Purse Mystery Solved

I got an idea to try out this scalloping lace and I think it works perfectly! I think it helps with scale a lot better and showcases the block better. I'll probably add beads to it as I sew it on too.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Mystery of the Pink Purse

I sewed on some edge pieces of pink satin with white lace overlay just like for foundation piecing accept going along the seam. On 2 sides I sewed all the way down to the size I want and on the other 2 sides I only sewed the inner square so that I could fold the edges under and create a faux mitered edge! I have the insides sewn and the rest just pinned down. The problem I've run into is I feel like the "framing" fabric takes away from the block and embellishment!
I don't want to tear it out yet so I'm trying to come up with an idea that will help fix the problem...right now I'm thinking of white pearls embroidered in a scallop around the edge? That way it will add white and the tips of the scallops will be pointing in and still framing it.

My wrists are hurting a lot lately so I'll wait for a few days to work on it or anything else. It's frustrating but I don't want to permanently injure my wrists.
So I'll be reading...wanna know a secret? I've been reading the classic Nancy Drew books lately!!! LOL And I love them!!! I feel like I'm making up for not reading them as a kid, they are so fun and very, very classic! Only problem is I can read one in just a few hours!!! I may need to delve into the Hardy Boys series soon! LOL

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pink Block Finished!!!

Well here's the pink block all embellished!
I finished up by adding a pearl butterfly, made by using seed pearls, small round pearls and size 15 seed beads. Then just some white thread.
The sequin flowers don't photo correctly but they really look alternating pink and white and match the block.
I just added some white size 15 seed beads to the feather stitch.
This fan is my favorite part of the whole block it just makes me happy to look at it.
Now to make something out of it! I think I'm going to make a purse but I want to make the purse a little bigger so I'm going to piece on a "frame" around the block.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pink Block Almost Finished

So far I've added some green size 15 seed beads to the vines, and I added flower sequins to the top seam. I'm almost finished, I'll just be adding beads to the pink feather stitching, and I feel that the sequin flower fabric needs a little something so I'll experiment adding beads to it.

Cream on Cream RR: Debbie S. Block

I had put Debbie's block on hold for a few days while working on the pink block. While on hold the motif that I planned on doing was sitting on the back burner and simmering. I finally started putting it into action yesterday. I'll still be adding more to the vines they need some branching out still. When you look at these vines with all the ribbon stitch leaves you are looking at 3 yards of silk ribbon!!! Wow! And what's in my head will probably use another 3 yards!
I've learned about myself that anytime I need to stop and just simmer on an idea or block I go ahead and do it, because just like when you simmer a pot of chili it only gets better.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pink Block Still More Embellishment

I still have more embellishment to add to this block, but I wanted to share what I added yesterday. I added the frosted AB glass flowers on the top seam with 3 ribbon stitch leaves at the tops, also some pink glass pearls to the white silk ribbon braid. Then I put in a feather stitch in the lower right, and a rose leaflet and bud on the left.
Thought you all might like to see a close up of the fan. I felt the corner needed some green so I added a rose leaflet using lazy daisy leaves, and a stem stitch stem, then I added the rose bud using a one wrap bullion tipped lazy daisy and fly stitch with straight stitch stem.
Here is a close up of the butterfly I had's SO cute! I will for sure make more of these in the future. And yes I added the feather stitch after the wasn't that bad to maneuver around the leaves though and the seam really needed something more.

Tatted Cross

Tatman posted this cross pattern yesterday and I thought it was so cute! It uses only 1 shuttle and has something I thought was unique since I hadn't done it before of joining the the thread part between rings. I tatted this up in white size 80 DMC tatting thread for a CQ friend.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Small SRE Heart

Right-Click and Save Pattern to Your Computer
You may embroider it freely!
This is a little heart motif I created in Feb. last year.
I hope you enjoy it!
Sweetheart Rose
Ribbon Stitch
Colonial Knot

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pink Block More Embellishment

Today I've been adding more and more embellishments! The fan is completed with 7mm silk ribbon sweetheart roses, pink Swarovski crystals, pink glass pearl beads, and the vintage jewelery finding as the handle. I added a glass AB heart to the sequin flower fabric, a white silk ribbon flower braid that I plan on further embellishing, and worked on a SRE motif, it still needs beads in the vines. I also did a little butterfly made by doing 2 lazy daisy stitches and 2 ribbon stitches all in 4mm silk ribbon. Then I used a clear bugle bead for the body, and whitish AB sulky metallic thread for the pistol stitch antennae and the whipped running stitch flight path.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Added Tatting to Pink Block

I've been a busy bee today!!!!! LOL I couldn't resist sewing on this tatting! It is the piece I've been working on from that doily I bought. So far I had gotten half way but when I finished this block this afternoon and tested the tatting on it I thought it would make a perfect fan! For the handle I'm going to use the vintage jewelery finding Jill gave me. I think it's the perfect lacy touch on this block, and I'm going to add 7mm sweetheart roses to the middle of the edge medallions, and probably beads to the smaller middle rings that are connected.
So the "fan" will be motif #20 of the 25 Motif Challenge

How To Create a Crazy Quilt Block

Remember there are no hard and fast rules in CQ, so your personal preferences are perfectly okay, this tutorial series is only showing how I enjoy creating blocks, there many ways to crazy quilt out there. Have fun developing your own style of Crazy Quilting!

Creating a Crazy Quilt Block: Part 5

Now to baste in the 6 and 61/2 inch squares. I like to use a contrasting sewing thread so it's easily visible.
I start basting with a running stitch on the back and follow the drawn in lines I made on the foundation fabric. Usually before piecing I flip over my foundation fabric so that the lines are darker on the back and faint on the front, but I forgot to this time.
You could baste by machine instead of by hand, but for myself I think hand basting is easier and gives me more control. I don't have to pin everything, and it's a much smoother result with the fabrics laying nicer without any puckering.
Front view of basting.
I also like to baste the outer line that I marked, but I use a much larger running stitch.

Now to trim down excess fabric.
I still like to leave a little extra fabric around the edges, you don't really have to trim at this point but I just like to so it looks neater.
The reason for the outer line and extra fabric around is so just in case during embellishing if the fabric puckers in and shrinks in size or contorts you have wiggle room to get your 6 inch square back, with room for seam allowance too.
Now you are ready to embellish however you wish! I think embellishment is the most fun part of Crazy Quilting!

Creating a Crazy Quilt Block: Part 4

Continue to line up, flip, sew, trim, iron, and trim again if needed, making sure to keep going in the same direction.

When you get to the area of the last side, you will start to overlap pieces. I cut and sew this one extra large, again it's easier to cut away than have to make up for not enough.
(You could sew a piece all the way along and call the block done at 5 pieces, but I think overlapping a few more looks nicer.)
I also sewed the seam pretty far down just to be sure it wouldn't be too short for the overlapping piece.
I eyeball where I want to overlapping piece to go.
Flip it over and sew through all the layers again.
Trim away excess.
Again estimate where you want the next overlapping piece to go.
Sew all the way across the edge. Trim away the excess fabric.
I just cut any stitches from previous pieces with small scissors or a seam ripper to the new seam and cut the fabric away.
Flip back over and iron. At this point you could leave the block as is or add a few more overlapping pieces. I think another piece over the lower left would look nice but chose not to this time since I want to show the silk velvet in that corner off to full advantage.
Every block you piece is going to look different just go with it and do what you think looks best.
For larger blocks you would continue around the block overlapping fabrics, until your block is filled in.
Almost ready to embellish now comes part 5 basting and trimming.
Part 1: Preparing the Foundation
Part 2: Selecting Fabrics
Part 3: Foundation Piecing
Part 5: Basting and Trimming

Creating a Crazy Quilt Block: Part 3

Start with your five sided piece and place it on your foundation fabric. A little off center looks nice, but you could center it depending on the look you want.
Take a piece of fabric and line it up on the edge that has the largest space to see how it will look. The shape of the piece doesn't matter as long as it has a straight edge to line up with one side of the center fabric.
Then flip the piece over, and I like to put a pin to keep it from shifting.
Sew along the edge, sewing through both pieces of fabric and the foundation fabric all at the same time.
I like to go further than what may be necessary just in case I need the piece to be larger further along in the piecing process. It's easer to cut away extra fabric later on than wish you hadn't cut it too short too soon.
Flip the fabric back over and iron the seam.
Line up the next piece of fabric.
Flip and pin.
Sew through all layers of fabric including the foundation fabric. Again going long just in case.
Trim away the excess fabric from the seam.
Flip the fabric back over and iron the seam.
Then trim the piece if it is really large. I like to leave extra room around the edge just to be safe.