Sunday, February 25, 2007

SRE Motifs

Here are 2 Silk Ribbon Embroidery Motifs that I designed and created for Lori to swap with her for some crochet lace she's made. She told me any colors so I chose to make 2 spring themed motifs the first being a leafy heart with sweetheart roses and colonial knot forget-me-nots. I backstitched using 2 strands DMC floss for the heart shape and then added 4mm ribbon stitch leaves as well.
The second motif I created a bouquet with sweetheart roses and colonial knots using a rainbow of colors. I used bits of leftover 4mm silk ribbons that I save for small projects and this fit perfectly, I didn't use 2 of the same color for the sweetheart roses. Then I added 4mm ribbon stitch leaves. She could make this into a button cover if she wants to since it is the perfect button cover size, or just use it for crazy quilting.

1 comment:

Lori said...

Love your SRE for swapping! They are both so beautiful! The button size is just perfect with all those colors! and The heart shape, too cute! I will make sure I put these to good use and photo the finished project. Thanks so much for swapping! Your work is exquistite!
Lori K