Thursday, February 22, 2007

In The Garden RR: Debbie R's block

Here is Debbie R's block! I am the last lady to work on the block so I was putting on all the finishing touches. I believe I'm finished with it! Here is a little of what I've done.
I added a hummingbird charm near Jackie's beautiful SRE! It was a little awkward spot but I think the hummingbird successfully fills the space and points in all the right directions.
I added tiny size 15 green seed beads to the delicate ecru lace on both fans. I added pearls to the top of the bottom fan.
I added Czech pressed glass flower beads that are fire-polished to Lillian's pink seam treatment on the purple and green seam. The flower beads have a green size 15 seed bead in the center.
On this top fan I added alternating pearls and shaped glass beads to the tatting. I also added etched Mother of Pearl buttons to the fan in 2 sizes with clear AB size 11 seed beads in the center.
The 'Love' motif I added using silk buttonhole twist in the stem stitch and added a 4mm pink sweetheart rose and 4mm ribbon stitch leaves. This spot was an awkward one and the 'Love' seemed to work in the spot because the ends seem to point in the right directions to lead the eye around the block.
This button/bead trail is my first bigger sized one! The reason I added it was if you look at the overall photo you see the maroon fabric the seam just slides your eyes right off the block so I needed to stop it and hold the eye and lead it to another area of the block instead.


Anonymous said...

I think this block is sooo pretty! I automatically loved it when I saw how Debbie had put those fans in the corners (I like fans). It's so neat to see how everyone puts their own special touches on it to make it beautiful!
Jackie M.

Sharon said...

I love the work you have done on the CQ blocks. I got your request to add you to the 25 Motif Challenge. Your name will get added to the list of participants the next time I update the challenge page. Each time I do an update, I'll check your page and if you've added any new tatting to your blog it will be included in the update. Sharon