Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Needle Tatting

Here is my first attempt at needle tatting! Pretty good I think for just learning. The book "Handy Hands Learn Needle Tatting Step By Step Kit" was really good with instructions. It really was major easy to learn! If you've been wanting to try tatting I say go for it! I joined more thread into it too. I do have a few knot questions. You have to make a knot when you join new thread and I just wasn't sure how it was done...maybe I'm just over thinking it. I just tied the 2 ends together to make a knot that way.
My needle tatting class was canceled! Major bummer for me, but there is another on March 2nd so hopefully I'll make that one. Meanwhile I'm going to practice my Ring and Thread Method some more by making some of the small projects before moving on to the Ring and Chain Method.
What you see above is the Ring and Thread Method because...dun, dun,'s rings with threads connecting! LOL But the other thing that makes it different is that you cut an amount of thread (2-5 yards at a time) from the ball and work from that and join thread in if you need more for your project. Also anytime a pattern would call for 1 shuttle the Ring and Thread Method is the way you would work it for needle tatting that pattern.
Click Here for on-line instructions if you would like to try it. It's really super easy!
I'll tell you about the Ring and Chain Method when I learn how to do it!


pat winter said...

Melissa, Your tatting looks professional to me. Nice job!I'm envious!!!!! :-)

Charlene said...

Great job!! You're just the craftiest, aren't you. Things come so easily for you! I don't think you need the class - check out the online resources. They're excellent, and free [read buy more thread with class money].

Anonymous said...

very beautiful Melissa!! I too am just learning tatting...I think we have the same book. Just love your rings....great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for you! Great job!

Candi Harris said...

Melissa, it looks absolutely GREAT! You're so gifted:)