Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In The Garden RR: Jackie's block

Here is the overall block of the work I've done on it. I think I'm ready to send it on now. Since I had run out of the green to finish the rose motif and ribbonsmyth was out of stock so my hubby did some color matching for me! I'm not too good at scientific detail work, LOL, but Gerard has more patience than me so he figured out how to color match by mixing drops of colors and keeping tack and all that stuff! I'm so impressed!
On this motif Lillian had added to the block and had stitched pearls of different sizes to it. I thought it would look nice with a little more to it so I added some sweetheart roses and ribbon stitches. I think it adds another element of texture and creates a more romantic lacy feel. Looks kinda like wedding cake icing to me!Lillian had also added this lace and buttons so I embellished a little more by adding cotton chenille french knots in the centers of the flowers as well as a strip of split stitches along the edge in 4mm silk ribbon.Finally my finished climbing rose motif! I love it! It's a base of feather stitching with lazy daisy leaves and Melanie roses. I thought that butterfly looked nice there so I attached it too.

I think I'm finished...I kinda want to add more but I haven't one clue what more I would add! I'm not too experienced with seam treatments so my creativity is sorely lacking in that area.

**Update 21 Feb. Lillian gave me an idea to create this seam treatment. It is straight stitches fanning out but at an angle with a tiny size 15 seed bead at the base. I used some hand dyed by Norma thread given to me by Norma.
Now to send it on to Lillian again so she can do more work on it for Jackie!

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Anonymous said...

OHHHH WOW!!!! It is so beautiful!! I love it, thank you so much! Jackie M.