Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lillian's Tablet Pouch/Cover

 My dear friend Lillian had sent me tons and tons of crazy quilting stash and in it was one of her blocks that is soooooo stunning!  I knew I had to make it into something special for her to use!  Lillian also has a Galaxy Tab so I decided to make her a pouch/cover for hers.  Here is a link to the tutorial on how to create an easy pouch.  The CQ block was already in a U shape but in order for it to fit onto the flap I had to shorten it about an inch but it wasn't a problem since it was the bottom and didn't have embellishments all the way to the edge.
I used an easy applique method and then sewed it to the flap and sewed some purple ruffled lace around the edge as well.
It's nice to create useable things, so that instead of being put away somewhere we can enjoy all the work that goes into crazy quilting and see something gorgeous everyday!  Her block was definitely one of those blocks that needed to be enjoyed!

Before I sewed on the block applique I sewed in place some Velcro for a closure.