Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lillian's Hankie Block: Finished

I've been working on Lillian's Hankie Block for a few weeks and it's finally finished! Now I'll be looking for a frame to do it justice! If you'd like to see everything closer click on the photos.
I added bead work to the hankies, on the purple flowers I added green beads to the centers and on the blue flower hankies I added pink seed beads to polka dot it and I removed the pearls I had added previously.
I created SRE motifs on either side on the doilies using the sweetheart rose (pink), fly stitch fern (light green), some ribbon stitch flowers (dark blue), beads for sparkle, pearls, and I tried a new stitch a loop with a knot that turned into a wisteria flower using different amount of wraps french knots (light blue).
I also embellished the silkie by adding loops and ribbon stitches for the bows on the ladies. I also added some beads to the lilac in one of the ladies hair, and appliqued some lace for her shawl as well!