Friday, June 23, 2017

What is it???

SO I started a new project and this one is a gift for a friend!  But I haven't told anyone what it actually is yet as I share my progress photos!  What could it be?!?!?!?!  I'm really enjoying the fact that it looks pretty much nothing like what it is until the final details get added.  HAHA
For the most part this is a pretty easy pattern to follow but I did have some "beginner" trouble in the very beginning making me think I didn't understand the instructions so I drew out what I thought it said to do in diagram style...sure enough I fully understood...yet why did it seem my stitches were off???  Come to find out I was counting the slip stitch and working into it when I was supposed to skip it...ah well...which means until I figured that out I thought I was doing something wrong and now I realize I had taken out a stitch in the first row to get row 2's count right........I just left it since I don't think it's going to be detrimental.
However I had some serious trouble when it came to joining these 2 split sections together at the top!!!  The instructions are VERY UNCLEAR about how to do it.  I realize that it's a difficult thing to put into words so I wanted to write to the designer on Etsy to see if she could offer any additional help that might clarify for me because the below picture is what I read the instructions to tell me to do.  That results in a wonky what the heck that doesn't make sense.........
Well the designer wrote back said she couldn't see what was happening and couldn't help me and that anyone well versed in crochet knows it's a simple thing to do but it's difficult to explain.  SO I pulled myself up by the boot straps again checked on Ravelry to see photos of that section and just took an educated guess as to what in the heck is supposed to happen...and TaDA I give you I-guess-I'm-well-versed-enough-to-make-an-educated-guess...
After doing that up, in what I think the instructions are supposed to explain, I reread them and nope...I think they are garbled up in such a way that I wouldn't know to do what I actually ended up doing and I think I could explain it to others, which I did in the pattern notes on Ravelry JIC anyone else like me is trying to find what in the heck is supposed to happen there.  Vent Complete!  HAHA I guess it just kinda broke my heart since I love helping people so much and always try my best when someone asks.  But at the same time I get it, she's probably had a ton of crappy people being crappy and so it just seemed like I was yet one more person like that even though I tried really hard to not come across like that...I just wanted a tiny bit of clarification and wasn't accusing in any way I understand that it's hard to write things for everyone to understand and I know I'm at the beginner side of intermediate.  Ahh well.  I got passed it and I'm still grateful for the pattern at all and it really is well written overall and I'm happy with it.
And lookie it's getting long!!! Heehee! ;)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gray Shawl!

Well since I love this Shawl pattern so much I decided I needed one in gray!!! HAHA  And I just love how now the pattern is so memorized I don't have to think too hard to work on it so it's nice and relaxing!  I'm taking my time on it and just doing a little at a time whenever I just want to chill.  OH I saw a person on Ravelry had added a pretty edging to one and shared how they did it so I'm considering adding that to this one too!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Starting a Doily!

I started on a doily for my little table beside my Crochet Nook!  In the first photo you can see the picture from the book above and my work below!  And next is where I left off last!  And OMG it's funny because it's like mini-crochet and it takes so much more focus and concentration to work!  I have to like zoom in my efforts and keeping proper tension and making sure things are even etc. it's just so much more intense!!! HAHA  But I think it's good because it forces me to focus on those things which will build up my skill!

Friday, June 09, 2017

Green Shawl Finished!

I finished up the Green Shawl I made for a friend!!!  There wasn't enough yarn left to do the single crochet edging all the way around 3 edges but since it's such a heavy weight yarn I figured the only edge that really needed it was the top salvage edge.  Plus this way the other edges look lightly scalloped which I love!  It's a nice cozy fuzzy shawl I love it!  Now I am wanting something similar for myself who knew variegated greens would go so well with stuff!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Crochet Nook Show and Tell

I got a couple of things to make life prettier and a tad more organized in the little nook I do my crochet in!  I got a rectangular basket to put books and notions and things in.  And I wanted a little something to hold my hooks and things that I'm currently using so I don't have to fully put it away and get it out every single time I get up or sit down!  So looking around the craft store for something that would work I found a cute little bird planter and I thought hey this might actually work!!!  AND IT DOES I love it so much so cute and perfect! 

Next I ordered some pretty scissors that look antique which should come soon.  And I bought a Haviland Limoges Butter Pat, which is a tiny plate of my fave antique china that has a pretty pattern on it, so that I can put the little stitch markers on and maybe the needle for weaving in ends.  That should be arriving soon too.

I also plan on crocheting a pretty tissue box cover!  Something probably with a white base fabric and some gorgeous flowers on it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Green Fuzzy Shawl

I wanted to make a shawl that was warmer for a friend and I had started with another pattern but realized after checking my gauge that I had bought the wrong size yarn for that project after all!!!  UGGG  So I frogged it and scoured to find a pattern that would use this yarn that I wanted to use...and ended up deciding to just make the shawl I just made but with this yarn.  It's one size bulkier than is called for but it really doesn't make much difference in size, just thickness of the stitches which makes it it worked out in the end!
This photo is during row 15 of 26 and the one below is row 20!  My measurements say another 6 inches added to the edge with the remaining rows and I love that it will be a nice big blankety shawl!  It's using the Buttercream Angel Hair yarn and the fuzz is so soft and warm.
OH BTW I scoured the Lion Brand website to see if I could find the pattern that the JoAnn's Class used and found an old one named Silver Shawl!!!  It's the same fact the pattern is written in a much better way than it's "modern" updated version for that class which was confusing in row 5!  I followed the original for this shawl to see the difference and it was just easier to read but is the same pattern!  The yarn, recommended gauge, and finished size is different in each pattern and the but that hardly matters it's gorgeous any way it ends up!

Friday, June 02, 2017

Shawl Complete!

Here it is! WOO I'm so proud of myself!  And now I'm like hey I could make a couple more of these for gifts in different colors! HAHA  I might be hooked!  Well this is fun and I'm going to enjoy exploring crochet!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Crochet Shawl Almost Finished

Yesterday I completed Rows 16-22 though during class time I didn't get much done since we were talking so much! LOL  Ah well I seem to do best when I am sitting in my fave Ikea chair and can really devote my concentration!

AND here it is with all 26 Rows complete (below photo)!  Just needing it's edging and ends woven in!  Which I have already done just didn't get a photo yet and it's getting washed right now!  I'm hoping to get a finished picture wearing it tomorrow!  YAY so much fun!