Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Free Embroidery Pattern Links

Links for Free Embroidery Patterns
  1. Ladies in Red a good source of patterns for redwork or to just embroider.
  2. Needlecrafter has a library of designs.
  3. Vintage Transfer Finds is a blog of vintage embroidery patterns.
  4. Antique Embroidery Patterns J. F. Ingalls embroidery stamping pattern catalog from 1886
  5. Cottage Quilts Free Pattern for Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
  6. Needle'n'Thread has a compilation of free patterns and links to free patterns.
  7. Pattern Bee this link is to their free patterns section they also sell vintage transfer repros.
  8. Honey Bee's Silk Ribbon Embroidery Patterns these are my very own creations for you to use. Please give me credit for the pattern and do not sell the pattern or use commercially, Thank You.
  9. HoopLove tons and tons of patterns pooled in one place.


Sharon said...

Melissa thank you so much for posting these sites. From a newbie to cq they are very helpful..

Anonymous said...

I'm also new to ribbon embroidery and am looking forward to using these beautiful patterns. Thanks so much!

Apple said...

thanks so much for posting these links. has anyone any idea of how to find designs that are less feminine than most? i was trying to find something for pillow cases for my brothers... all over the age of 20.

Leelagovind said...

i have been hunting for ribbon embroidery patterns for 2 years..thank you so much for sharing these useful sites..