Friday, March 09, 2007

Promise of Spring

These small daffodils are one of the few plants in our garden starting to bloom already this year! It's a promise that Spring is on it's way!
We are starting to prune and weed and get the garden ready for spring...a lot of work but worth it for the luscious flowers! I'm getting excited to see all the blooms this year and it's a good motivator to do the hard work in order for it to look it's best. We bought a few seasonal plants that were out for sale and want to plant them soon.
I started a garden blog just for the purpose of blogging all the changes, blooms, and hummingbirds. If you'd like to follow our garden blog Click Here. I've been adding photos of the beginnings of our garden, of all the hard work we had to do in order to get our garden and the first big bloom we had. I'll be blogging last year and then starting this year which is going to be even better since all the plants have grown (some died) and every year gardens just get better. I don't think green thumbs exist...only perseverance...if a plant dies it gets replaced until the perfect plant is found that thrives. Hard work and perseverance are what make a garden great.
I hope you enjoy our garden!

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The Army of Four said...

SO beautiful! Good to see Spring is on the way! Daffodils aren't up here yet = and "Bambi" ate my tulip bulbs last year. :)
With permission of the Ao4 ~
Karen (their mom!)