Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Windsong Jewels DYB RR: My work on Leslie's block

I changed some things around on the block and did something different. The stuff that's missing wasn't stitched down yet in the old photo so I just removed it and started working on this new idea. Lillian gave me the idea of a fence because she said the block looked like a landscape so I took that idea and looked in my silk ribbon embroidery books by Deanna Hall West and in the An encyclopedia of ribbon embroidery: Fruits, vegetables, and herbs I saw this little fence! It was perfect and then I saw a hollyhock idea so I went with that on the side. I made them yellow hollyhocks to stay within the block colors and I added the bushy leaves around the base so it's more like it is in the garden. I'm going to make the little golden yellow patch down at the bottom a walkway, and I may put in some more plants along the fence and/or walkway. Also I might stitch a bird from one of the Deanna Hall West books at the top near the hollyhocks. I'm feeling a lot better about the block now and I'm so much happier with the way it's coming along.

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coral-seas said...

I like the changes Melissa, it seems to me that the elements are working together now. I heard people talk about flow and movement in blocks. I'm not sure how this is done but I can see that you have achieved this in the new version. It's looking good.