Thursday, March 15, 2007

Windsong Jewels DYB RR: My work on Leslie's block

Here's an update what I've been doing on the block...I'm still not finished. I still need to complete the violets on the bottom and the space between needs something, not sure what yet, maybe a basket who knows! I think it takes just as long to think of what to do as it does to stitch it in! LOL I ripped off the rosette and put a metal butterfly bead there instead, I like it better.
I thought the yellow patch looked like a sun area so I thought of how I would make it a sun. I used a large sequin cut in half and pierced it with the long straight stitch rays that I made with 1 strand DMC floss and couched those down with the same floss, then I made more rays with 4mm silk ribbon in straight stitches and then used gold Kreinik metallic cord to couch them with running stitches up the middle.
Here's a little bullion knot bird. I got the idea from the A-Z of Bullion Knots book. The photo doesn't do him justice because the fabric looks odd in photos but in person he's really cute.
Here you can see I added some little yellow lazy daisy/straight stitch butterflies in 1 strand DMC floss. Also some little plants at the base of the fence using 2mm silk ribbon in straight stitches and adding tiny size 15 amethyst seed beads. I think of them like wild violets or something similar.
To the walk way I added random beads from an amber bead mix I had. I love these amethyst flower beads with size 15 gold seed beads in the centers. For the leaves I'm doing 2 ribbon stitches that are side by side with the tips turning toward each other to make 1 leaf.
To see the finished block Click Here.

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