Friday, March 23, 2007

Opinions Please

Okay my CQ friends! I kinda like how this doily looks there it seems to be the right color and size and I was considering adding an SRE bouquet to the center. Do y'all think it goes well? I'm debating with myself on whether I should do that or not and just add a seam treatment instead. I think it balances the thick lace at the top right though by adding another thicker lace...and added bonus of bringing the coralish-pink color into the green area too.

My other questions would be should I add a seam treatment to the green seam underneath the doily?

I have to say when I first start working on a block I get frozen very easily and I think it's the hardest part for me! Once I get going I'm all good but man I tell you getting going is tough!

Opinions Please!


Lori said...

Melissa, I am always impressed with your work. I think the doily looks great, breaking up the green material under it. Yes, SRE would work and if you wanted to spread it out so to speak have the trails of leaves go onto the green in 2-3 directions. Maybe add some beads, French Knots, it could be like a table top, with the flowers flowing downward. Did I explain this correctly? lOL! I would also add some beads to the green lace, upper right.. Just an idea! Look through Sharon's notes again..I am sure it will look great!

Melissa said...

Thanks Lori, I totally get what you are saying! Ya know I had thought about vining out the side of it too I think that will be what I'm going to do although not all the opinions have flowed in yet so I'll gather, think, and then decide! LOL

Anonymous said...

I like the doily. I would leave it on, and do SRE like you suggested. I would also bring the dark wine color along the pastel areas in the bottom right using stitches and beads. Lovely colors.
Pat Winter

gaylenona said...

PS I'm with you about thinking those fabrics would never go together. Hmmmm Good luch to you. You do such exquisite work.

Charlene said...

How about moving the doily down a bit to tri-sect the pink, dark, and green (balance other lace)? Then have your SRE begin on the center doily and meander up the light green seam over into the dark?

Anonymous said...

I love seeing blocks that are not in colors I would have chosen. When the blocks look as great as this one, they make me rethink my own color choices and broaden my perspective on color. So, thanks!!

As for your idea of an SRE bouquet in the center of the doily, I think it's a good one. Maybe you could add some beading to it also. If you do, I would balance that with some beads on the green lace at the top right.

If you don't trail the leaves off the doily, I would definitely do a seam treatment on the green underneath...something light and simple...feather stitching, perhaps.

To balance the doily treatment, I would maybe add a small button array in the dark triangle patch on the right.

Victoria M.

Melissa said...

Thank you SO much ladies!
Yes the original fabrics ARE a challenge so I played with others added in to more my taste like the reds and the darker green, and now I like it! LOL Funny thing!

I've stitched down the doily last night and have pulled lots of beads and a button/bead trail for the velvet burnout! Funny Victoria M. I guess great minds think alike! LOL I love it that the suggestions I'm receiving are similar to my own ideas and that really helps me solidify ideas and really visualize what I'm going to do!