Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Challenge: Button/Bead Trail

Here's more work on my block! I put the feather stitch along the green velvet with 1 strand light green silk floss and I'm adding gold seed beads to the tips.
I added the pink size 15 seed beads in a stem stitch along the grid fabric.
Here's the button/bead trail I stitched in...it just felt like the time to do it since other parts of my crazy quilt "puzzle" haven't come into place yet. When I'm working on a block it's a lot like putting together a puzzle for me and I focus on the area's that I can get together and when so much of it is together the tough area's start filling in easier.
I'm not sure about the dragonfly I added in the button/bead trail...he's a little odd...what do you all think, should I rip him and do him over?


Anonymous said...

Your block is looking beautiful. I'm enjoying watching your progress.

Sharon said...

Your quilt block is looking lovely. How about adding some 4 ring tatted butterflies. They are quick to do and can be made with embroidery floss so the colour matching is easy and they'd carry the theme of the butterflies in the fabric onto other areas of the block. There's also a tatted dragonfly pattern that uses dagger beads for wings that's quick to do.

Anonymous said...

I reallly like the dragonfly it really pulls your colors in so my 2 cents is keep it Julia