Saturday, March 03, 2007

Needle Tatting: Green Silk Heart Pendant

Motif #5 of the 25 Motif Challenge
Here is the finished heart before I stiffened it and attached the bail and necklace. I put a quarter in the photo so you could see how small it is. You can see a few mistakes in the heart, a few chains are uneven, and then I made a major mistake with joining in the bottom area of the heart. I joined one picot too soon! I swear I counted about 3 times before joining it...but I didn't count after I joined it and before I closed the ring! I still think it looks nice though, enough not to scrap it and start over. I wouldn't have enough thread to start over anyway. I was majorly bummed when I realized what I had done and I was already to the third clover ring by the time I knew what happened. I didn't work on it for a couple of days because that was really discouraging! But today I figured I'd finish it and stiffen it and see what it looks like, even with the mistakes...and it's not so bad...I wonder if she will even notice it...even so it proves it's hand tatted!
Ta Da! A beautiful Pendant/Necklace! I made the necklace with 4mm silk ribbon, and made the clasp adjustable. I was going to use sugar starch for a stiffener but when I started cooking it up it just seemed too goopy so I didn't use it but used hairspray instead. The hairspray worked perfectly!


Echo said...

That is really beautiful Melissa, and reminds me that St. Patricks day is coming up soon lol... even with the mistakes it looks very good and I think the mistakes just make it genuine.

Charlene said...

Great job - I don't see any mistakes! Have you tried using Spray Starch to stiffen your items? I guess hair spray is about the same, but it may turn yellow when heated or after some time passes.

Melissa said...

Yeah I agree hairspray isn't the best, but it's what I had. Today I bought some Aleene's Stiffener so that shouldn't yellow and work nicely too.

***Jon**** said...

Mistake or not, it is still beautiful. And I like the green thread and beads.