Monday, February 27, 2012

Tarnished Gold: Silk Ribbon Embroidery

 I added more sweetheart roses with a pretty variegated silk ribbon.
 Then I added a vine with size 15 seed beads, some silk ribbon leaves, and some pale lilac flower beads.
I added a touch of darker color to the butterfly and flower lace and then puffed it up by tacking a few of the edges in place to keep it puffed as I liked it.

Tarnished Gold: Silkie Motif Progress

I started working on more embellishing around the silkie!  I coffee dyed a piece of lace and added a bit of lace for her collar!  I also started adding sweetheart roses around the frame.  You can see how I start on a motif, I didn't really have any plan just wanted to start with my touch of red and just sprinkled the roses around.  I have a few other colors of silk ribbon picked out to fill in.  I know some plan or pre-draw but I like to just wing it and go with what feels right.  I do that a lot with design in every area of my life, from my garden, to by home, to putting flowers in a vase, to silk ribbon embroidery!  There are times I like to plan to get a general idea and then hash out the details as I go, but this time I just went with my idea and sprinkled roses.
I remember back when I first started creating my own designs instead of using a pattern and I used to be so scared of the unknown, all the what if's, that things can go wrong, get stressed out and fall into analysis paralysis! LOL  But now that I've been doing it a while it gets easier to go with the flow and let it just form.  To step out in faith and do it.
Huh, interesting, I say that and think this is a reflection of my life recently too.  I have been learning to step out in faith, to trust God and go.  It's amazing the peace that you have once you start living it out, taking risks, choosing to ignore fear, not let fear control me or control the choices and actions I take.  I've been growing in that area of my life and because of that, fear has become smaller, faith has grown larger, and peace is the result!  I find it fascinating that it is translating over into creating too!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tarnished Gold: Silkie and Lace

 Ok so looking at the block I think that a Silkie might be a nice addition...I don't usually use them and I thought why don't I use them?  Usually I'm saving them for something special, yet whenever I make something with a purpose they never seem to fit the idea so I figured since I have no purpose other than to just make something pretty that I like why not use one that looks PERFECT!  She kind of reminds me of the second sister in Downton Abbey!  LOL
 I held some tryouts and this lace seemed so perfect!
 Then what do you get when you add a tiny delicate piece of lace with a star sequin and a vintage rose montee?
A pretty little adornment for her hat!
So far I'm really loving how things are going!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tarnished Gold Block

Yup I actually created a new block yesterday!!!  Shocked?!?!  LOL  I haven't done much work in a very long time, but my Hubby encouraged me to do some just because.  With no reason attached, no purpose behind it.  That was some of the reasons why I haven't created in so long so with those out of the way I thought why not?!  It's a 10 inch block and I just felt like using gold and bronze-ish, maybe it could be considered tarnished gold?  Anyway I liked the center print with it and I figured I can embellish with those colors.  I'm dreaming of luscious silk ribbon embroidery which is my fave and I haven't gotten to do any in a long time.