Monday, February 27, 2012

Tarnished Gold: Silkie Motif Progress

I started working on more embellishing around the silkie!  I coffee dyed a piece of lace and added a bit of lace for her collar!  I also started adding sweetheart roses around the frame.  You can see how I start on a motif, I didn't really have any plan just wanted to start with my touch of red and just sprinkled the roses around.  I have a few other colors of silk ribbon picked out to fill in.  I know some plan or pre-draw but I like to just wing it and go with what feels right.  I do that a lot with design in every area of my life, from my garden, to by home, to putting flowers in a vase, to silk ribbon embroidery!  There are times I like to plan to get a general idea and then hash out the details as I go, but this time I just went with my idea and sprinkled roses.
I remember back when I first started creating my own designs instead of using a pattern and I used to be so scared of the unknown, all the what if's, that things can go wrong, get stressed out and fall into analysis paralysis! LOL  But now that I've been doing it a while it gets easier to go with the flow and let it just form.  To step out in faith and do it.
Huh, interesting, I say that and think this is a reflection of my life recently too.  I have been learning to step out in faith, to trust God and go.  It's amazing the peace that you have once you start living it out, taking risks, choosing to ignore fear, not let fear control me or control the choices and actions I take.  I've been growing in that area of my life and because of that, fear has become smaller, faith has grown larger, and peace is the result!  I find it fascinating that it is translating over into creating too!

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