Friday, February 24, 2012

Tarnished Gold: Silkie and Lace

 Ok so looking at the block I think that a Silkie might be a nice addition...I don't usually use them and I thought why don't I use them?  Usually I'm saving them for something special, yet whenever I make something with a purpose they never seem to fit the idea so I figured since I have no purpose other than to just make something pretty that I like why not use one that looks PERFECT!  She kind of reminds me of the second sister in Downton Abbey!  LOL
 I held some tryouts and this lace seemed so perfect!
 Then what do you get when you add a tiny delicate piece of lace with a star sequin and a vintage rose montee?
A pretty little adornment for her hat!
So far I'm really loving how things are going!!!

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