Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Lady Christmas Ornaments

I created more Lady Ornaments, they are so fun to make!
This lady is pale greed and red with gold glitter. I created a fan by taking the tip of a pale green feather dipping it in glue and then glitter, then I put glue at the handle area and filled it in with glitter too.
This lady has glue on gems, white pom poms, feather and lace, and purple and silver glitter.
For this lady I created her skirt with two types of white lace layered accented with white bows. She also has silver glitter accenting her dress and crystal gems, topped with a feather head piece.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lady Christmas Ornaments

Lilla shared how she creates these Lady Ornaments on her blog (the tutorial is in several blog posts so scroll through her blog to find them) and I loved them and was inspired to make a few myself! So here are the first two Ladies!
I really really love the first lady she is my favorite so far, I think she will go on my tree very nicely! She has a feather in her hair with sequins, fine glitter accessories, sequins on her hem and shoes and lace on her dress.
Here is another pretty lady it's harder to see the details in this photo but I added feathers to her feather fan, lace and sequins to her dress, a bead and lace fringe, she also has fine glitter accents.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tatted Towel Edging Rows Finished

Well here is the edging all finished!!! Now I just need to hide the tails on the end, clean it, and hand stitch it onto the towel!!! YAY

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tatted Towel Edging Starting Row 3

I finally finished Row 2 of the extended version of Hen & Chicks tatting pattern I'm working on for my Guest Bathroom Hand Towel and started on Row 3! Yay almost finished!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tatted Towel Edging Row 1 and Starting Row 2

I started a new project! Since we are redoing our guest bathroom and I decided I wanted a boutique-ish feel to it so I'm doing green paint with white accessories to really pop and mirrored/crystal accents too. I found a great ruffly lace shower curtain and and oval mirror that we painted white and chrome fixtures. What I needed was a lacy white towel! I was inspired by these towels at Victoria Trading Co. but I thought one that I made would be more special plus I love tatted edging! I wanted something longer than a typical edge so I looked at all my books. My faves are always the hen & chick patterns so I found an extended version in Georgia Seitz's book "Tatting on the Edge and Beyond". Here is a great tutorial provided by Mimi Dillman for Hen & Chicks if you are interested in trying it out they have a great online class for beginners!
When I finished the simple hen & chicks row I tatted a sample of the other two rows to see how big my picot for joining should be, it also give you a little taste of what it will look like!
Oh and I'm using DMC Perle cotton is size 8 for the look I'm wanting.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Antique Shopping Finds

Over our 10 year anniversary getaway me and hubby went to antique shops too and I found some goodies! A whole stack of Haviland Limoges (which I collect) plates all of them have chips on the edges but only one is cracked and can't be used I got it for $16!!! I also found some in a beautiful rose pattern in great condition for very good prices! I just love them the floral patterns always inspire silk ribbon embroidery for me!
I also found a set of butter knives that are the perfect size for tea parties! I also found some doilies one with a tatted edging that I got for $1 a hankie with an "M" on it, class nobs and door nobs. I also found a cut glass bell, I've been looking for one to remember my grandmother who loved bells and collected them and I never got one of hers when she passed away, she would have loved this one too! I also found and antique collar!!! OH it's so pretty! I want to use it on something special.
Well that's all for my finds hope you enjoy the eye candy, sorry I didn't get good close up photos but you can click on the photo for a larger view of everything.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Few More Hearts

I finished up a few more hearts (Peacock Heart by Birgit Phelps) in size 80 thread for two of my small group birthday girls Kaity (purple) and Elizabeth (rainbow)! I also tatted a third in pink for another girl, Robyn! I stiffen them with white glue then attach a bail and put them on a chain!
I just love this heart pattern it's so cute!