Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Challenge

Carolyn Cibik at Evening Star Designs created a spring challenge I decided to do it and got the fabrics in Feb. but haven't done a thing until now. The challenge is to create something 100 square inches (I chose a 10x10 crazy quilt block as an easy way to meet the requirements) using a recognizable piece of 5 of the fabrics received. She also put some extra fabric, beads, and threads in that we can use or not. In the above photo you can see everything I got the five fabrics are to the left and the extras are at the top. She will judge and pick a winner who will receive a $5o gift certificate to her website! I really want to win!
I hate to say that I'm not too fond of the colors of all the 5 required fabrics so it is a challenge for me. I went through my stash of fabrics, because we are allowed to add other fabrics and embellishments as well, and pulled the above fabrics to take it in a direction that is more appealing to me. I added some pink and reds as well as another green color.
Then I spotted the little bird fabric I had bought and it went perfect with all the fabrics and it all felt more like "me"! I worked on piecing the block tonight and this is my results! I have to say I am very happy with how it's come together, now I just need to start embellishing! Can you spot all five of the required fabrics?
This is another angle so you can see the green velvet still isn't photographing as well as I'd like it too! I'm sure you all know how it goes...much better looking in person when your eyes can take in the different textures and the way the light reflects! LOL
Oh and I make the block 11x11 so when I embellish if it shrinks up it will be ok. I also hand basted the outer line it seems that works better than machine and all the blocks I've seen come through my hands tend to have hand basting! I also basted the red burnout velvet on it's edge so that it will lay flat for embellishing and can be removed later.

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