Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Green Fuzzy Shawl

I wanted to make a shawl that was warmer for a friend and I had started with another pattern but realized after checking my gauge that I had bought the wrong size yarn for that project after all!!!  UGGG  So I frogged it and scoured to find a pattern that would use this yarn that I wanted to use...and ended up deciding to just make the shawl I just made but with this yarn.  It's one size bulkier than is called for but it really doesn't make much difference in size, just thickness of the stitches which makes it warmer...so it worked out in the end!
This photo is during row 15 of 26 and the one below is row 20!  My measurements say another 6 inches added to the edge with the remaining rows and I love that it will be a nice big blankety shawl!  It's using the Buttercream Angel Hair yarn and the fuzz is so soft and warm.
OH BTW I scoured the Lion Brand website to see if I could find the pattern that the JoAnn's Class used and found an old one named Silver Shawl!!!  It's the same pattern...in fact the pattern is written in a much better way than it's "modern" updated version for that class which was confusing in row 5!  I followed the original for this shawl to see the difference and it was just easier to read but is the same pattern!  The yarn, recommended gauge, and finished size is different in each pattern and the but that hardly matters it's gorgeous any way it ends up!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Another beautiful shawl! I almost want to break out my crochet hooks and patterns!