Monday, February 19, 2007

A rose by any other name...

For the rose challenge this month I chose the Sweetheart Rose. Also known as the colonial knot/running stitch rose or french knot/running stitch rose. Sometimes it's referred to as the Fargo rose but it's made a little differently than the Fargo flower which starts it's running stitch from the base of the ribbon coming out of the fabric instead of closer to the needle end of the ribbon right after the knot.

Click Here for my video tutorial of the Sweetheart Rose

Click Here for instructions on how to create this rose from CQMagOnline

Click Here for Jo in NZ's

My reference for the Fargo flower is from Judith Baker Montano's book Floral Stitches on page #94

I like to create the sweetheart rose with a colonial knot and I like to zig-zag from edge to edge with my running stitch as I make mine.
I'm going to try using a bead instead of the colonial knot and I'd also like to try the real Fargo flower to really see a difference.

When I first learned to do it I found it easier to do in 7mm silk ribbon but now it is just as easy in 4mm silk ribbon like you see in the photo. Although it can feel tricky to learn at first once you know how to create this rose it becomes a very fast and easy rose to make. It's nice and tiny and is great for filling spaces too.
Here are my results! The Fargo Flower is more of a flower than a rose and would look nice as Marigolds or even a small Carnation. Then for the Sweetheart roses I tried from left to right a zig-zagged running stitch, then I made one with a pearl bead in place of the knot. I did that by bringing my needle and ribbon to the top of the fabric and then unthreaded the needle and took a piece of beading thread and looped it around the ribbon then threaded both ends into the pearl bead then I slide the bead down onto the ribbon rethread my needle and treated the pearl bead like the knot and started the zig-zag running stitches after it. I like the way it looks, it takes more time to do it since you have to add the bead but it wouldn't deter me from using it in small amounts. Then I made one by turning the ribbon around with each running stitch like in Jo's tutorial, and lastly I make a sweetheart rose by doing the regular running stitch instead of zig-zagging it.
I also tried out the Twirled Ribbon Rose and left it in the photo for comparison. The Twirled Ribbon Rose is the next rose in the Rose Challenge!

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