Saturday, February 10, 2007

Learning Needle Tatting

This is the class supplies I got for the needle tatting class I signed up for at my local Micheal's! I'm very excited to try out tatting! The class is on Thursday the 15th but so far I'm the only one signed up and there needs to be 3 signed up for the class not to be canceled. I hope that it's not canceled because I really want to learn. There is another class scheduled for March 2nd so if this one falls through I hope that one will be a go. In the class I'll be learning to do a medallion, and it looked really pretty too.
*Update 14/Feb* It's been canceled! Bummer! Well March 2nd is another class so I'll transfer to that one!

1 comment:

Cat said...

I wondered over here from Jo's blog this morning, she is right, you do wonderful SRE. Very pretty creations!

And soon... you will be adding bits of tatting to them!

Have fun, Cat