Friday, February 02, 2007

SRE Brooches

Here are some more brooches I've been creating! My favorite one is the pink with the lace and bouquet with a beaded bow. I've been chatting with friends at Hand Embroidery and have come to the conclusion of $30 for the button cover brooch and $40 for the CQ heart brooch. I can always change the prices if they are either to high or too low. Now to create my packaging! The ladies also suggested going with my Honeybee's Boutique handcrafted original by Melissa with my Etsy link.
AND I've already have an order for 1 heart brooch and 2 round brooches from a sweet lady, Charita, who is in a couple of Yahoo groups with me! Just being able to create silk ribbon embroideries is the icing on the cake so getting paid for it is sprinkles on top of the icing.

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