Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spiderweb Rose Tutorial

What you'll need:
  1. Embroidery Hoop
  2. Circular shape to trace like a dime or a button depending on what size you want your rose. (A dime makes a large rose)
  3. A fine point to mark the circle, you could use a pencil, disappearing ink pen or water erasable pen you can get either in the quilter's supplies area.
  4. Needles, for silk ribbon a size 22 chenille needle is commonly used.
  5. 1 strand embroidery floss in a shade that matches your silk ribbon.
  6. 4mm silk ribbon in a shade matching your floss.
  7. Embroidery Scissors

Here is the finished rose! You can add a bead to the center for sparkle or you could add a knot with silk ribbon in the same shade or a shade darker or lighter.
You can also watch the video on YouTube


zombiecazz said...

excellent tutorial

Michelle said...

Do you put the ribbon over the needle when you thread it through or just put the needle straight through,
how do you detach it from the canvas?

Melissa said...

I'm not quite sure what you are asking about the needle and the ribbon, you just bring the needle over and under the spokes as seen in the vid.
I wouldn't detach a spiderweb rose it's meant to be surface embroidery.
Hope this helps clear things up some.

Michelle said...

I mean, when you crochet or knit, you put the yarn over the needle before making the stitch, is it the same philosophy here?

Thank you for the clarification that this is surface embroidery, I wasn't aware. It helps a lot :)

Melissa said...

No nothing complicated like that, the important thing is just as I state in the vid to twist the ribbon and to weave over and under the spokes as you go.
Have fun!