Monday, October 29, 2007

Meeting Lillian!

From left to right is Rebekah, Wendy, Lillian, Melissa
Yesterday I finally got to meet Lillian! Sunday Lillian drove up and came to church with us, and we did lunch and went to Wendy's house! We had so much fun! Lillian and I met at the Hand Embroidery Yahoo Group a year ago and quickly became friends. We talk all the time (practically everyday LOL), so it was wonderful to finally talk in person! I brought pretty much all my embroidery and crazy quilt stuff I have, and have done, and got to share it with her. And she brought her very first crazy quilt, which she says isn't all that great but I say it's wonderful and very beautiful! Me and Wendy were drooling all over it! LOL It was the very first crazy quilt quilt I have seen in person! It inspires me to keep going with my bedspread! I wish I could have seen more of her work, but since her visit stateside was last minute because of sad circumstances, that wasn't possible. I also wish we could have had a few more days to visit, that would have been awesome!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

How fun! It is so comforting to find friends with common interests!

And you are the spittin image of our cousin April who is dear to us.
I always thought you looked familiar but I didn't place it until today. Giggle....

Lil said...

Yup~ It sure was fun! =)

Candi said...

Melissa, isn't it great to meet in person!:) I recently got to meet with Susan, Fran, & Karrin and we had the best time! Karrin as it turns out lives just 3 blocks from me and we now try to get together every Wed. I'm so glad you guys had the opportunity to visit like that!
Lots of HUGZ:)