Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thank You!!!

This Thank You goes to Pat Winter who is such a sweet and generous lady! What a wonderful gift of Crazy Quilt stash! There is beautiful fabrics, hand dyed lace, silkies, beads, sequins, ribbon, silk floss, hand dyed silk ribbon, and hand dyed cheese cloth!
I have been so blessed lately! I think that Crazy Quilters are some of the most sweetest, most sharing, and most generous ladies there are and I'm so happy to know so many!
Thank You Pat!


Pat Winter said...

Melissa, you are very welcome. Thank you for helping me with computer stuff. If I would have used my brain, I would have sent white and cream items for your CQ. Sorry about that.

Melissa said...

Oh no don't be sorry you are so generous!!! And I can use everything! I don't always work with only white and creams so it's perfect!