Saturday, January 19, 2008

Creating a Crazy Quilt Block: Part 5

Now to baste in the 6 and 61/2 inch squares. I like to use a contrasting sewing thread so it's easily visible.
I start basting with a running stitch on the back and follow the drawn in lines I made on the foundation fabric. Usually before piecing I flip over my foundation fabric so that the lines are darker on the back and faint on the front, but I forgot to this time.
You could baste by machine instead of by hand, but for myself I think hand basting is easier and gives me more control. I don't have to pin everything, and it's a much smoother result with the fabrics laying nicer without any puckering.
Front view of basting.
I also like to baste the outer line that I marked, but I use a much larger running stitch.

Now to trim down excess fabric.
I still like to leave a little extra fabric around the edges, you don't really have to trim at this point but I just like to so it looks neater.
The reason for the outer line and extra fabric around is so just in case during embellishing if the fabric puckers in and shrinks in size or contorts you have wiggle room to get your 6 inch square back, with room for seam allowance too.
Now you are ready to embellish however you wish! I think embellishment is the most fun part of Crazy Quilting!


PAULE said...

Hi Melissa

One more great tutorial !


Paule - Reunion Island

Charlene said...

Great job, Melissa! I've seen lots of positive comments, and now see why.

Carol Van Rooy said...

Wow, what a great block. I've just taught myself foundation piecing and you can see my progress at my blog. It's a post from prior this week.

Keep up the great work.

TattingChic said...

Ooooohhhhhh, so that's how you do it...LOL :)

NanaKaren said...

I love this beautiful block! I'm a quilter and a hand embroider and have been wanting to learn this technique. As soon as I gather pretty fabrics to add to my cotton quilting fabrics, will give it a try. Thanks for this great tutorial!

pwampc said...

Your tutorials are the best. Do you mind if I share this with others. You make it so easy and at least give a guideline to go by. Thanks

Melissa said...

Thanks! Sharing with others is why I make the tutorials so I would love it if you shared it with others!

Dorothy McCurdy said...

Hi Melissa, It's now 2016, and I just found you on Pinterest. Thanks for the tutorial on CQ. I've been wanting to learn this for a while now, but, you have made it so easy and have taken away the fear of starting. I love your tutorial and hope to see some more of your work.Thanks.