Saturday, January 19, 2008

Creating a Crazy Quilt Block: Part 3

Start with your five sided piece and place it on your foundation fabric. A little off center looks nice, but you could center it depending on the look you want.
Take a piece of fabric and line it up on the edge that has the largest space to see how it will look. The shape of the piece doesn't matter as long as it has a straight edge to line up with one side of the center fabric.
Then flip the piece over, and I like to put a pin to keep it from shifting.
Sew along the edge, sewing through both pieces of fabric and the foundation fabric all at the same time.
I like to go further than what may be necessary just in case I need the piece to be larger further along in the piecing process. It's easer to cut away extra fabric later on than wish you hadn't cut it too short too soon.
Flip the fabric back over and iron the seam.
Line up the next piece of fabric.
Flip and pin.
Sew through all layers of fabric including the foundation fabric. Again going long just in case.
Trim away the excess fabric from the seam.
Flip the fabric back over and iron the seam.
Then trim the piece if it is really large. I like to leave extra room around the edge just to be safe.

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