Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Free SRE Patterns

I searched through my work for the past year for motifs I've created that I could turn into patterns to share. Here are a few. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks to Carol-Anne's idea to do the stitches in the patterns in different colors to make them more clear. I figured it was worth trying out. If you try them I would enjoy feedback if it helps you to see easier in color rather than only black and white.
Right-Click and Save the patterns to your computer.
You may embroider these patterns freely, however you would like.Ribbon Stitch
Melanie Rose
Sweetheart Rose
Spiderweb Rose
Loop Flower or French Knot Loop Flower
Colonial Knot
Bullion Tipped Lazy Daisy
Fly Stitch


Cheryl said...

Wowie zowie...thank you thank you thank you. More patterns to help me improve my SRE skills. I'm going to work them all up this month and see how I do!

coral-seas said...

Hi Melissa, I am very honoured that you tagged me for You Make My Day. You also make my day, especially your generosity in sharing what you have learnt. I've tagged you back.


matilda said...

arrivo al tuo blog da quello di coral-seas.
che meraviglia il tuo lavoro!
ciao matilda