Friday, February 01, 2008

SRE Lazy Daisy/Bullion-Tipped Lazy Daisy Video Tutorials

Click Here For the Lazy Daisy video on YouTube
Here is a video for the Lazy Daisy Stitch AKA Detached Chain. This stitch is good for both leaves and for flower petals or buds.

Here is another video for the Bullion Tipped Lazy Daisy Stitch, which is just a variation of the Lazy Daisy with wraps at the tip. This is another good stitch for leaves, flower petals (like poinsettias), or flower buds.
Click Here for the Bullion Tipped Lazy Daisy Stitch video on YouTube.

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donnag said...

Thanks for this help!
You did a good job.
I am giving you the excellent Blog Award.
Check my blog for the directions.