Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cream on Cream RR: Debbie's Block Finished

Here is an overall look at Debbie's Cream Block. I think adding the vintage wedding lace balances out the other lace patches in the block. This block has such a vintage or antique feel to it, just beautiful! It was fun to work on! Now it's ready to send on to the other ladies in the Round Robin, I'm glad I got to be the first to work on it and add what I did.
Here's a closer look. I ended up adding some of the reclaimed vintage pearls to the SRE vines instead of the matching size 15 seed beads. I felt like that brought the motif together better.
This is just an artistic photo, I just felt like being creative and doing a close up at an angle.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

You're right, Melissa! The pearls were the perfect final touch! So lovely! Did you add that butterfly to the block? It is wonderful!!

Melissa said...

Thank you! Yes I did add the butterfly, it was needed to cover a hole in the fabric! LOL