Friday, February 08, 2008

Close Ups of Vintage Lace

As I was cutting out these motifs from the wedding dress I noticed that it was a vintage dress that was home made. I also noticed the lace looked hand embellished as well. It looks like someone took normal lace fabric and couched cording around the design to give the raised effect and then stitched on beads. I don't know if the lace was bought that way or if the person who made the dress also made the lace? But it sure is pretty! ***Update: I just found out that the lace is called Alencon Lace. I also received a comment that it is not Alencon Lace, I would have to agree that it is not true Alencon Lace, but if you want to by some that looks like this it's called Alencon even though it's technically not. My sample is only vintage not really antique or anything so it's the same as the kind you'll find in bridal shops.
Click on the photos to see them real close. I took front and back of one piece and then a photo of a few motifs.


maureen said...

Hi Melissa, The lovely lace you have is Alencon bridal lace. Originating from the town of Alencon, France,with lace making history dating to the 1500's. Thankyou for sharing, as you always do. xoxo's Maureen

Melissa said...

Thanks Maureen!!!
I love that type of lace now! Thanks for the name with the lace!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I am fascinated by lace. Thanks for sharing your find!

Meg said...

Er... no it isn't Alencon. Been to Alencon and researched lace this past summer. That's not it. That's a machine made lace (Alencon is handmade)and is a "net" lace, not a true needle lace as made in Alencon. Its origin -could- be French, but is more likely to be Nottingham or a domestic manufacturer. It's a very pretty lace, but it's not that. Enjoy it for its beauty.