Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tea in the Rose Garden Tea Cozy: Roses and Bees

I love how this Tea Cozy is coming along!
Finally finished that bead embroidery butterfly I had started working on!
I added this rose trellis seam treatment. It really is an edging from an Aunt Martha's transfer, I just traced part of the edging onto tracing paper and pinned it on the seem. I stitched in the thread parts with silk thread, 2 shades of green. The middle trellis area is light green and I used 2 strands of the silk thread it was a monster to work with doubled up, I wish I had just used floss for that and learn! LOL Then the vine part I just used a single thread of a darker shade of green silk. Then I tore away the tracing paper and added 7mm Sweetheart roses instead of the daisies that were there originally and added 3 leaves pointing out in 2mm ribbon stitch. Also I changed the lazy daisy leaves into 2mm ribbon stitch leaves. Instead of knots I added size 10 pink beads. I just love how that turned out, just so pretty!
I also used the "bug" stencil to draw in a couple of bees and beaded them in using a variety of beads all different colors, sizes and types. I choose amber colors so they would be honeybees instead of bumble bees. They are just so adorable I'm going to have to make them again!

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Freda Butler said...


Your tea cosy is turning out just beautiful. The rose with all the little dropped petals is so very clever and I love the trellis and vine. Clever idea to use the transfer that way. Have to start looking at transfers in a new light.