Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dreams of Spring RR: Lyn's Block

I got Lyn's Dreams of Spring block yesterday and I was surprised at how small it is! The fabrics are wonderful and it's an unusual shape. The theme of the block is "Meadows in Spring". I thought some tatted clouds would be cute and some rain falling in the lighter blue patch that goes across the block. I ok'd my idea with Lyn first because I know some aren't too fond of rain, but she gave permission to do whatever I thought would be great!
The block reminds me of the scenery I enjoyed as a kid in Italy (military brat) I remember driving in the car and staring out the window at the rolling hills of meadows and vineyards and I remember seeing rain falling in the distance and asking what it was since it looked like a patch of blur from the sky to the ground and being told it was rain falling out there. Really beautiful! I've always loved rain! It was always special, as a kid I'd go for a walk with my umbrella and just enjoy the world to myself. Also rainy days meant crafts or cookie making too! LOL
I looked around for cloud patterns and most ideas were too big but then I saw a couple of edgings that looked like they would make good small clouds worked in sections. Here is the wave edging that this cloud is, and Here is another one that I'm planning on using. The only thing I'm doing differently is adding picots with every stitch to make them fluffy. I might over-dye them with blues too...not sure yet about that. I'm tatting the clouds in size 80 DMC white thread, and only working in 10 min intervals to not hurt my wrists.

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Jon and Wendy said...

How cute are those clouds?!!! Adorable. I clicked on the tatting samples and Rebekah said "planes." I don't know what would make her think that but they are an aerial object. lol.
I love it.