Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tea in the Rose Garden Tea Cozy: Bow and Tea Bag

I added more to the Tea Cozy yesterday. I added the pink feather stitch down the rose print seam, I'm going to be adding pink beads to the tips too. Nice and simple yet adds a little CQness and sparkle. I also added in a bow that is couched down with different color sweetheart roses. I'm also going to add little ribbon stitch leaves all around it too. I'm just kinda bouncing around going from one idea to the next and leaving the finishing of each idea for later! LOL
I also took 1 strand green floss and stitched on the lace fern to give it shading. I made it look darker to lighter by the lower leaves have 3 stitches fanning out and the upper ones only have a single stitch. I'll be adding a lot more to this lace too, just have been putting it off! LOL
Then I had been thinking for some time about adding a tea bag somehow but the right idea just hadn't gotten to me yet. Then last night I saw Kerry's Tea Bag and thought that was the perfect idea! I didn't do exactly like she did but I did use fabric (mine is organza) and beads in the inside. I just did a basic fold over pouch in organza, nothing fancy and added a mix of beads different colors and sizes and shapes. I wanted it to be like a fancy Chai mix since Christina and I both enjoy Chai Tea a lot. Christina even mixes her own Chai and likes to experiment with ingredients.
The bottom of the bag is loose and can flop, I wanted it to be like that so the beads can be tossed around. I couched some pink size 10 tatting thread for the string, and put little lazy daisies to look like a bow attaching it. For the tag I used silk ribbon in satin stitch and put a sweetheart rose on top and stem stitched around the ribbon in a pink floss that I also satin stitched around the tea bag in long stitches. I just love how it turned out! Just perfect! And it filled in that odd space nicely! My main thing about this tea bag was that I wanted it to look pretty like a fancy-pancy tea bag with a gourmet artisan tea. One time Christina had bought me some tea like that and it had organza for the bag and pretty colors of flower petals in with the tea, so that was my inspiration. In fact I still have one of those tea bags saved for looks because it's just so pretty! LOL


JANE said...

The tea bag is the cutest idea I've seen in a long time. How creative. Your work is gorgeous!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the shading of the leaves and the tea bag! Maybe I'll start organizing my sewing room and start putting together bits and pieces for my first CQ block!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

lol - love your teabag, Melissa!