Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Onesie's for Our Nephew

Here are a couple of Onesie's me and my husband embroidered for our Nephew who will be turning One Year Old! It's taken me a couple weeks to complete just one when I used to just sit down one afternoon and finish one up!I did the little vintage puppy, it took me a torcherously long time to complete! But isn't he cute? I choose it because of the "little boy" poem and thought of "puppy-dog-tails". I don't normally care for cross stitch but this pup was so cute and it's embroidery style using a cross stitch as a stitch in the design, so it is an exception to my preferences.
Gerard, my husband, so sweetly offered to do one up too and he did the way cool race car! He chose the colors and did it all in backstitch! He finished in only 2 days!
Now I just need to get these sent off! Since I had to take so long they will be a couple days late of his birthday...good thing he's only 1 and won't know it's late! LOL

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donnag said...

I love these! I did a set for my first grand daughter and they are so much fun! You did a great job as did hubby!
Your package is in the mail.
Donna Godfrey
Stitching in Atlanta