Saturday, January 05, 2008

Few things I'm working on and a Thank You!

First I would like to say Thank You to Cheryl who so kindly sent me a squishie of River Silk ribbon to try and the most Yummy velvets for my stash! A photo just doesn't show the delicious texture and suppleness of the velvets! Thank you Cheryl!
Since a pattern for the doily I found is no where to be found I just printed out the scan and counted the stitches and used that as a diagram. It's a very simple pattern no special techniques needed to do it all you need to know how to do is ring, chains, and joins. This doily would also work well for needle tatters.
I'm tatting it up in size 80 DMC tatting thread, which I love since it tats very nicely. Since the original doily is tatted in what I believe is size 10, it will be a lot smaller and delicate looking.
I've only gotten 2 repeats done but my goal is 1 repeat a day and there are 8 repeats in the pattern. As I was tatting it yesterday I had an idea that I think would be pretty. Three repeats of the pattern would look lovely as a skirt for a belle or princess, and all you would need is to embroider in the upper body! My friend Wendy is making a princess crazy quilt for her daughter and she said I can help with it too so I think I will use that idea on it.
This is a little sneak peek at the block I'm making for a Cream on Cream RR that is just starting up! I pieced it last night because I was too anxious to get started, but I still have a little finishing up before it heads out. I'll blog it later on when it's ready, and let you know what it will become when it is complete.


Anonymous said...

Love the cream on cream block, can"t wait to follow your progress Debbie

NormaH said...

Melissa your blog is one that Makes My Day and I had to tag you with the award. Directions are found on my blog.