Thursday, January 03, 2008

Couple More Brooches

I wanted to take a size reference photo, because I usually show Wendy and her reaction is that they look smaller in person. So I figure I better take photos with something for size reference.
Here is my latest Rose Brooch for my Etsy Shop. It is on a shell pink Dupioni silk and the fabric never photos as well as it looks in person, it looks sorta beige with a soft pinkish tinge. The design is a melanie rose, a spiderweb rose and ribbon stitch buds with ribbon stitch leaves. I also added a pink rhinestone to the center.
I also made this brooch as a gift on champagne Dupioni silk with sweetheart roses, a spiderweb rose, a melanie rose with ribbon stitch leaves and 2 small pink glass pearls. I added a pink bow after I put the brooch together.

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